i’m trying to get this bag

first of all,
can i tell you how psychic i am?
i said sometime last week:

“‘the joe budden podcast’ should really come to spotify.”

it would be easier for me to listen i only use that streaming service.
they announced that they’ll be on spotify too.

i’m truly happy for them because they deserve it.

so trying to get the bag is tough.
all of our bags are different.
i’ve been in a little depression due to trying to get my own bag.
i need a gooooooood sponsor right about now.
i’ve been thinking back to how i got to this point.
the firings and countless rejections.
the “i got chu” and not helping beyond that.
it’s been tough,
and Lord knows it ain’t easy,
but it’ll be part of this amazing story that i get to share.
so i started of what my perfect sponsor looks like…

1 – i will NOT be changing my content.
the foxhole is like my therapy.
it’s the only place i get to have a voice.

i get to share that with like-minded foxhole individuals.
if i can’t do that,
i won’t be taking that sponsorship.

2 – i don’t care if a celebrity or attentionisto is offended.
not my problem.
i’ve learned if you aren’t kissing ass,
you’re part of the problem.

i don’t font things to be malicious,
but i do give my thoughts on what i find interesting or stupid.
if they do something stupid,
we will font about it.
i can’t control the opinions or views of the foxhole.

3 – the foxhole will ALWAYS be free.
started out free and will end that way.
until i start coming out with books,
or even a movie,

then that side of things will be a charge.
other than that,
anything i put on here will be free at all times.

i’m so grateful for all those who have stuck with me.
it’s been some ups and downs,
but i’m beyond blessed with the amount of support.
i’m gonna get this blogging bag.

9 thoughts on “i’m trying to get this bag

  1. I love number 1 the most I know it’s been on your mind if you should completely change your content to be more marketable, there is nothing wrong with comprise but it seems like some of the sponsors they are approaching you either want you all the way in the raunchy side or the family family one, there needs to be a happy medium. I’m sure there are some of there that can go well with this blog.

    1. ^i agree.
      i don’t have a specific topic because everything interests me on any given day.
      i can’t be too “pg” and i’m not all the way rated “xxx”.

      i’m a nice “r” rating lol

  2. And the best part about a bag is swinging it in the faces of people who tried to sabotage acquiring it in the past.

    So many people looked down on me and now need a hand. I give them a high five and go on my merry way.

  3. I don told you what you should do and looks like you getting it done from some posts.

    I was on the phone with my best friend of 20+ years and we were talking about the Universe and all that and speaking some genuine knowledge about how we plan to advance further and how we’ve grown since High School…Perfect energy transfer..Great vibes.

    How about the next day I get a call from some number. I didnt pick up cause I don’t do no names but something told me to check my voicemail…

    How about I called back to look into this message which was a new job offer…Got the paperwork sent through email, background credit, all done within this week and I start Monday…Done.

    Folks be thinking it’s a game but the Universe can work fast or it can take a while if you have “blockers”.

    It’s all about that energy transfer. Watch what you say, definitely watch what you think and who you entertain. I guarantee you’ll start seeing changes but you will always have a negative voice in your corner (which could be frkm.anyone) spreading negative vibes….Email or anything to get you to think negative.

    Flee from them as soon as possible. 😂

    But it’s a constant battle. Stand back and observe and you’ll really see what I mean soon

    1. Congratulations Jammy on your new job. I have been paying attention to your comments you have written lately, and bro you be writing some real stuff. I absolutely love what you wrote on this post.

      1. Thank you Sir Eric for your wishes. I hope you are having a great night and a better tomorrow.

        Best wishes!! ❤

  4. Speak it into existence man, you already know when you come out with books and stuff. I will definitely be buying and supporting. You will be getting that bag soon.

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