the first black vixen to accept her baller wolf’s alleged gay life? (shocker!)

so i guess aaron hernandez fiance,
shayanna jenkins-hernandez,
has come to terms with aaron’s alleged bisexuality.
in a new book called “unnecessary roughness” by aaron’s defense attorney,
jose baez,
aaron’s sexuality was addressed from the thoughts of shayanna.
a foxholer sent me a quote from the book via nbc news

“I wish I had known how he felt, just so we could have talked about it. I wouldn’t have disowned him. I would have been supportive,” wrote Jenkins-Hernandez.

uh huh.
i guess it’s the “right thing” to say,
but i often feel that’s a ton of shit.
some don’t accept most males now for admitting their sexuality.
that’s still the “go to” when trying to slander.
after star fox died,
his mother said she would have accepted him if he told her.
the survey says…

she was lowkey “anti gay” when he was alive.
i doubt shayanna would have felt the same about aaron.
it’s not like he is admitting to liking pistachio ice cream.
do people even like pistachio?
most vixens,
especially black ones,
would be up in arms about that.
i could be wrong about shayanna tho.
she might be more accepting.
“unnecessary roughness” is available now.

quote cc: nbc news

14 thoughts on “the first black vixen to accept her baller wolf’s alleged gay life? (shocker!)

  1. The Aaron Hernandez case is fascinating and profoundly sad. The murder may have been fueled by the fact he didn’t want his secret sexual life coming out. Then he dies by suicide, leaving his poor daughter without a father. If he had just come out life could have been so much better.

    I’m not out to everybody — just close friends and family members. Because it’s my business. But I’ve learned coming out is like jumping in a cold pool. You dip your toe in and think “No fucking way” but when you plunge in the water is not so bad after all. It really feels good.

    Because folks who really love you will accept you no matter what. And the folks who drop you for being gay you didn’t really want around you anyway.

  2. Lots of truth here. I would know. I love you guys and this forest – it has sustained me for years. I am seeing the light and beginning to live my truth – but it took time to know what that truth was….because we mistake physical gratification for being the only need when in fact it is the emotional connection we likely desire – but find it hard to admit. I used to love some good dick or ass now and then, now Im in love with a great man and it has nothing to do with what’s in his drawz but what is in his heart and head. ❤️ Took years, decades.

  3. Most men that are married sometimes feel trapped by what role society says they should be. Heck i’ve Hooked up with enough to know marriage is really just a label and piece of law to most couples. I got plenty of Frat brothers that are in the same situation. Most of the wives know or just ignore it. On a related note I did hook up with an NFL player a few years back that was on his way out of the league. It was a one and done and names weren’t exchanged but it was hard to miss who he was because he was on the news for months because he kept getting concussions that last year and that’s what ended his career. I say all that to say most people will cheat on a marriage if they think they will not be found out. For some the sex of the partner isn’t that big an issue.

    1. ^damn,
      now i want to know who the nfl baller wolf is lol

      you are right on marriage tho.
      i have met so many married and stepping out.
      it’s like,
      what’s the point of getting married?

      i want to dwelve deeper into this.

      1. Reality for our white brothers is many times coming out isn’t even a choice. If they do they could lose all (status, family fortune and support). Most get married in their 20’s cause they are supposed to by society’s standards. But they just as gay as everybody else. Plenty of men live like that in silence or find an outlet when they can (Business trips, weekend out away from the wife etc).

        In my town we got a super exclusive Gym that is like majorly expensive. Like almost rent money for monthly membership. They have like a huge spa steam and pool area. Lots of stuff goes down in that area, but because you got major politicians, celebs and retired sports types management ain’t rocking that boat and policing that. Many husbands be getting their life there away from the wives. (Cough Former Mayor Cough)

        1. ^oh it all goes down on the business trip.
          i think it’s easier for richer husbands to be gay.
          they can buy silence and do things in the right circles.

          have regulars can cheat easy too,
          but social media has a way of getting some of them caught up.

  4. Depends. Some females are okay with it if you are their “best friend.” Some mothers are perfectly fine with it….others…well they are fine with it as long as as it’s not their son/daughter.

    Most women want grandkids when they get older. They find gay sex pretty disgusting to be honest (some have a fetish for it though).

    There are probably a lot of gay men with girlfriends. I know one who like dudes but pretends he only like women. It really doesn’t matter to me because I don’t fool with guys that are THAT closeted that they will disown you if you’re not as hypermasculine as they are.

    I also find the notion that they have a lot to lose quite laughable actually. There are plenty gay people that are successful and rich. I find the closet cases just want to hold up that image because of their egos.

    I’ll be blunt and say that they are living a lie, because that’s the truth. If you can’t be true to who you are then you’re fraudulent. Folks need to get off their ego trips. They focus on how people view them and that’s not how you wanna live your life because people are gonna find something to bash you for…always.. Sexuality, skin color, weight, mannerisms, income, singing quality (when they can’t sing themselves I might add), artistic merits, etc…Even when you’re dead and gone, they still gonna talk about you.

    So if anyone is super DL..what is the point? You’d rather live a miserable life pretending to be one way instead of being who you want to. You a grown man…do wtf you want. I didn’t say you had to come out loud and proud. I don’t even disclose my sexuality but I’ll tell you I’m not interested or none of your business in a heartbeat though. If you think I’m gay because of that oh well, I didn’t wanna f**k you anyway..So your point and advances are still in futile?!?! Have a nice day.

    But lets get off the men for a minute because there are some broads in the closet too. Everyone loves to focus on the men but there are some tunnel bumpers out there too if you wanna be honest…

    These double standards though..🤓 😂

    Would she have accepted him? Like I said, some women do like that but most ain’t got time for that.

    Women are rooted in naturistic values of reproduction…they want offspring, not they man springing off on top of some other man’s peen and that’s the truth and either you deal with it or get stuck with it.

    They’ll have a gay friend as long as you entertain them by monitoring their fashion, hair and giving them sexual tips on how to please they man (and it doesn’t involve a grapefruit) and they really love when you tell the tea on who’s DL.

    There a select few females.though that are wonder to be around who aren’t anti-gay and they probably are vegan too…No meat for them…nanana.

  5. Gay people often know how those around them will react if they come out. I feel like if the fiance or mother would accepted Aaron, he probably would have confided in them.

  6. I wonder how many other professional athletes are out there living miserable lives. They have a lot at stake, you can’t open up to everyone.

    1. A LOT of them, I’m sure. They have a lot to lose if they were to come out. Money, being cut from the team (you know it will happen), hostility from teammates/fans/friends/family, and so much more. It’s a wonder so many stay closeted. We’ve come far, but we still have a LONG ass way to go.

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