when the “n*gger” game ends in sudden death (dulane cameron jr)

he was really handsome too.
everyone say goodbye to dulane cameron jr.
it’s such a shame his life was taken by a rabid snow hyena.
dulane was outside of bar,
minding his own business,
when he was murdered.
a foxholer sent me the story via “the daily mail”

A 24-year-old white man from Pittsburgh has been charged with stabbing to death a black man Sunday, just hours after police say he posted a video on Instagram showing him repeatedly saying the N-word as part of a ‘game’.

Joden Rocco, of North Hills, was arrested on homicide and weapons charges in the killing of Dulane Cameron Jr, also aged 24, at 2am on Sunday outside a bar called Tequilla Cowboy near Heinz Field.

After the attack, a shirtless Rocco flagged down a police car and asked the officers for a ride home. Instead, police took the murder suspect into custody.

According to investigators, a few hours before the attack, Rocco uploaded a 16-second video onto his social media account, in which he said he was ‘playing a game’ that involved visiting bars and seeing how many times he could say the N-word before being thrown out.

A criminal complaint says that shortly before 2am, a shirtless Rocco was turned away from Tequila Cowboy.

He then walked along North Shore Drive towards PNC Park, where he crossed paths with Cameron and his friend, who is also African-American.

Surveillance video showed Rocco fidgeting and appearing ‘very aggressive’, according to the complaint.

The 24-year-old then allegedly attacked the two black men without any provocation and plunged a knife into Cameron’s neck, inflicting a fatal wound.

i read dulane was killed in front of his childhood friend too
how horrifying is that?
rocco had an alleged ton of racist views on his facebook.
it always seems to start on facebook,
don’t it?
i had to wonder if that the first sign?
living in america is so crazy right now.
america has legit gone back to the civil rights movement.
blacks are truly not safe.
you never know when some unhinged racist will end your life.
i use to like wandering the new yawk late at night,
but now,
i can never feel too safe just being black.
may dulane rip.
may joden’s booty hole never feel safe in prison.

article cc: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “when the “n*gger” game ends in sudden death (dulane cameron jr)”

  1. i don’t understand how other black people are staying sane right now. as a black man, i feel hunted. hunted for simply existing. hunted for being dark. no surprise that suicide in the black community is on the steady rise.

    to stay healthy, it’s best to log out and value every moment because there’s a upset uncooked chicken nugget out here ready to end our lives for simply breathing.

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