nicki minaj sends her barbz to collect someone’s head

the foxhole has a lot of supporters,
but i would never send you to attack someone in my defense.
i can’t font the same for nicki minaj and her barbz.
so she might give billboard the “cock sucka of the day” award.
the winner will get crowned on her radio show,
“queen radio”,
this thursday.
you ponder?

well a recent article set her off and she sent the barbz to attack.
this is what she posted on her instagram

if only she told them to go berserk with their coins,
she would have the number one album this week.
priorities nicki.

they actually ended up finding the alleged writer of the article too.
his name is michael,
peep ( x his instagram ),
and this is what’s under his comments:

i can’t wait to see what she does to the grammy committee.
if they don’t nominate her album this year,
it’s probably gonna be hell to pay.

lowkey: i love how they allegedly caught her reaction to cardi on stage…

imagine an all out war between the barbz and the…
bardi bandits?
i don’t know what you call her stan base,
but i’m sure it will be bloodshed.
i’ll allow it.

video cc: nicki fact.z

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “nicki minaj sends her barbz to collect someone’s head”

  1. I mean it’s just that y’all getting angry over the most stupid stuff. First off, anyone supporting a proud black woman regardless of all this bullshit has nothing to do with stanning.

    Before you jump on a hate bandwagon, think about it. We’re ‘outraged’ because she said she’s like a Harriet Tubman? Do you know how many rappers have used historical references? Google is not hard. Rappers say they’re like Dr. King, Malcolm X, Tupac, or anyone else you’re proud of. It’s to honor them even though it can be offensive, but they ARE rappers.

    She called out another fake article by a white man slandering a black woman’s name to get ahead. And we’re worried about him? That is not his job. She even told us how they’re behind the scenes considering clothing sales to put certain artists ahead.

    Out of all this shit exposed, you all chose to get mad at Nicki. For her usual extra, funny personality. Tell me what’re y’all really upset with her about? 🤔

  2. I just want her to be quiet already. You can’t come out every week with something new about your critics and then keep saying that you’re not concerned or you don’t care. It’s very confusing.

  3. Again, the energy that went into making that instagram word vomit essay could have went to better lyrics, singles or even a whole album.

    And all the energy those barbz spent harassing that writer could have went to buying that album. Fans can e-thug for said artist by doing everything but increasing their sales. If their actions matched their words then they wouldn’t have to do this wannabe beehive mess (flooding dude’s comments with unicorn emotes, really? Who’s supposed to be threatened by that???)

    All of this outrage from her is so petty. The sales may not have been great for her but the number 2 spot is NOT a bad thing for someone in her situation. I understand alot of people are in the “gold medal or nothing at all” mentality but she needs to realize she did better than she should have for a artist that took a long ass break. Is it really too much to ask her to be humble?

    I honestly want her to do something different from music that’s more long term and expands her beyond the “ratchet boss bitch Nicki”. Similar to Rihanna with her makeup and lingerie line. I was so impressed and proud of Rihanna when she came out with Fenti. I already loved her, but for her to come out with makeup that covered all people of colors and shades it was a second hand Euphoria for me. To see someone grow from her first album to creating a product just for “us” made me a more of a Rihanna stan than I already was.

    Queen radio isn’t it for me since it’s all off of her current music persona that she refuses to change and so far I don’t see the difference between that and her twitter…

  4. Does anyone else see a correlation between delusional stans (in this case, the Barbz) and Trump supporters!? It’s like no matter what they do or say, they will forever back these people. Barbz be talking about “she’s the greatest rapper of all time(wrong), she’s #1(nope), she looks great(looked a mess). The worst part is all the negativity these people have. It’s not that serious!

    1. ^and she isn’t getting on them for not buying her record!!!
      that’s my beef with this!!!
      why is she not mad they didn’t buy her shit?!?!
      she is talking sabotage and it’s clear her barbz are fans of hers off hype.

  5. Nicki needs to leave them percs and zanny’s alone. She is LITERALLY asking for a lawsuit. In the crazy ass celeb obsessed country, you really dont know how far people will go, and to send your ratchet ass fans on the hunt for a journalist who was doing there job is BEYOND reckless and irresponsible. What if someone took it a step further and tried to harm this person? Add to that the fact that the law dont care how rich you black ass is. Yesterday i compared her to Trump in the fact that she flies into blind rage when anything written about her isnt kissing her ass. Daily she is weaking the foundation of this “queendom” she claims to have created. Her weakesses are exposed. She cant take critique. She’s jealous, bitter, evil, and bothered. I predict something very bad is going to happen to her this year. Something that will humble the shit outta her and her career will never recover.

  6. jamari… i live for you but that video is clearly fake. i get that everybody is enjoying taking their shots at nicki but i gotta call foul.

    her album did better than the carters and yet no one is calling them flops. beyoncé and jay-z (the biggest stars in the entertainment) debuted at #2 and received zero drags.

    the writer choosing to say her tour was “cancelled” was clear clickbait for people to push the “nicki flopped” rhetoric.

    i’m not even the biggest fan but damn she’s not even saying crazy shit and people are on her neck. she’s simply asking for credit and respect when it’s due. it’s frustrating to see a black women get shredded on every single platform.

    1. First of all Beyonce and Jay Z are not out here hooting and hollering at everybody for being number 2, unlike Nicki who is out here attacking and blaming everybody for not being number 1.

      Second of all, I don’t want to hear none of this black feminist bullshit because Nicki only cares about the issues that affect black women when it directly affects her. If she actually cared about outspoken black women she wouldn’t be constantly sending her stans to attack black female critics and other black women she doesn’t like, nor would she be personally jumping into black women’s DM’s and cursing them out

      So, yes she’s starting to talk and act crazy just like Azaelia Banks crazy ass and all her delusional stans are enabling her by constantly making excuses for her crazy behavior

    2. ^when last have the carters been sore winners?
      when has beyoncé ever sent her hive to harass a journalist?
      when last has the carters ever suffered a nervous breakdown having a number 2 album?

      1. here’s a thought. maybe nicki isn’t having nervous breakdown. maybe she’s embarrassed because she knew she’d be unfairly judged on the album if it didn’t debut at #1. maybe she knew that if she didn’t go #1, there would be thousands of people, bloggers, etc. ready to describe the egg on her face. maybe she’s hurt because she worked her ass off, spend her time crafting actual lyrics… and still debuted behind someone who refuses to have a coherent lyric that isn’t auto-tuned because he strategically sold clothes and counted them as album sales.

        1. the video you posted that “appears” to show nicki as being bitter about cardi isn’t real. it’s another tactic by crazy fans to fuel hate towards her.

        2. despite everything you and the commenter above said, she still sold more beyoncé and jay-z and is still being unfairly called a flop.

        3. the writer of the article said her tour was cancelled. it is not. that’s a clear tactic for people to retweet and add “flop” in quotations.

        none of these facts means that she wasn’t out of line for assembling her barbs to attack a writer. she absolutely was.

        but based on everything that she is going through, why hasn’t anyone considered that it is a clear sign that she’s fucking unhappy, possibly depressed?

        all she’s doing is expressing what she deems is unfair in her workplace, something you should understand. someone who has used his platform faithfully to talk about what you’ve deemed unfairn in the workplace.

        lastly, she’s constantly being talked about, ripped apart, voided of all accomplishments and yet people are confused as to why she’s so passionate about her work.

        ( and this is no shade because i still live for you and will contiue to support )

        1. ^if nicki minaj had the number 1 album,
          and it sold 700k and 680k in pure sales,
          would be acting like this?
          would she be calling out writers,
          using harriet tubman,
          using travis baby as an excuse for the promo,
          and moving how she is moving?

          i think the album is just “okay” for all this push.
          nicki minaj has been talking about her numbers for her entire career.
          every song has been about how much she sold,
          how she is the queen,
          and how her numbers reflect why she is a better mc than others.
          her numbers this era were good,
          but for someone to come in #2 and have hardly any songs on the top 100,
          she is taking it hard because it reflects that she really isn’t number 1 as she claimed.
          so she is losing her absolute shit because of that and it serves her right.

          she is getting humbled.

          there is no shade from me.
          you come to this website because i give it to y’all straight and i expect the same.

        2. ^and NOTHING you fonted me is helping me understand why those same barbz didn’t get to the stores and itunes to buy her album.
          she is blaming everyone but the ones that allegedly support her.
          absolutely nothing of that makes sense since they saw when she was promoting the record and when she posted the release date.

          i’m not address the arena tour either.

          nicki is a good mc,
          but she is a “numbers” vixen and her antics have proven this.
          she did the same thing to kim and now she is experiencing it with cardi.

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