nicki minaj sends her barbz to collect someone’s head

the foxhole has a lot of supporters,
but i would never send you to attack someone in my defense.
i can’t font the same for nicki minaj and her barbz.
so she might give billboard the “cock sucka of the day” award.
the winner will get crowned on her radio show,
“queen radio”,
this thursday.
you ponder?

well a recent article set her off and she sent the barbz to attack.
this is what she posted on her instagram
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don’t ever be too honest about nicki minaj

as a blogger,
i’ve realized that writing about everyone could lead to blow back.
i can font my opinion,
but another doesn’t have to like it.
my words can open up a can of smoke i’m always ready for.
when this writer wrote this about nicki minaj:

i guess this saw it as harmless.
this is what nicki allegedly sent to in their dms

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They’re Mad That No Latinos Are on Empire

tumblr_nicmocynPr1u6t7vjo1_1280…and it starts.
a show becomes successful and everyone starts to pick it apart.
this time its our spanish foxhole who has a problem with “empire”.
well not all…
one writer at latina magazine tho.
this is what she had said in her write up

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So The World Has Suddenly Discovered Timbs or Nah?

Tim_Fronthas anyone ever wore timbs?
well if you are from new yawk,
or anywhere with a cold winter,
you may have worn a pair of constructs.
well elle magazine has lost it today.
i snuck on twitter and saw a couple people goin in on a tweet.
the topic?
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f0xmail: I Want To Share The Valentine’s Day Letter I’m Sending To My Hybrid!.


Hey Jamari.

First I have to say I love your site and you have definitely made a huge impact in my life as a discreet “fox”. I wanted to share the Valentine’s Day letter I’m sending to my new boyfriend, who happens to be a hybrid. Check the letter out and tell me what you think!

It’s a rare and beautiful feeling when you meet someone who just allows you to be yourself. We are judged and sized-up by the world all the time, so to find a bit of respite is something I promised myself to cherish whenever it came. Enter you. I was trying to think of how I wanted to write this letter; I wracked my brain trying to figure out the best format, the wittiest jokes, the sexiest innuendos. Then it dawned on me what makes our bond of friendship and the relationship we are weaving and strengthening so amazing is that it is easy and simple and pure. So I’ve just been writing, trusting that what is on this screen will convey everything I need to.

There’s a Jill Scott song that plays in my mind almost everytime I think of you and our talks.The lyrics of the first verse sum it up nicely. She sings “I like that I can talk to you and you seem to enjoy it. I like that I can tell you exactly how I feel. I like that you don’t look at me that confused kind of way when the thoughts are just running through my mind and I can’t seem find the right words to say…” Naturally, the song is entitled “Easy Conversation” and I think that’s an accurate comparison to what we have. I’m grateful for it. I’ve forced it so many times, reaching, no, grasping, for something like that. Trying to force that which should just come naturally and evolve organically. The irony, right? But you make it easy. I don’t feel like I have to reach or pull. For that, I thank you.

I think you are amazing and I know I’ve told you that. But, I don’t think the truth ever gets old. You are amazing. You make me laugh, you break my heart (in a good way), you make me comfortable, you make me nervous (also in a good way.) You challenge me to be authentic and open. You allow me to embrace every part of my being without shame or fear. Simply amazing, you are, and I’m so glad to have met you. I’m not the clairvoyant one out of the two of us; I can only tell what is. And what is is something special and unique to me and I am honored to be cultivating that with you. I don’t know what may happen next, but I am excited and hopeful for the journey and all that it brings.

Thank you for trusting me with your past. I know it was hard for you. Thank you for letting me trust you with mine. It is just as hard for me. But you see me as a person, as a man, and not as some broken or fragile thing. And I see you as a person, and as a man, and not as some broken and pitiable thing. We are both delicate;we’re human, but it seems we’ve been able to connect on that all too human, but spiritual level and I like that. So, to my first Valentine, thank you for being you and I look forward to our future (mis)adventures together. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to curl up in the bed  while I’m reading some ridiculously long novel and you’re playing your PSP comparing the notes of the day and laughing at how the rest of the world isn’t lucky enough to to “get it.”


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