They’re Mad That No Latinos Are on Empire

tumblr_nicmocynPr1u6t7vjo1_1280…and it starts.
a show becomes successful and everyone starts to pick it apart.
this time its our spanish foxhole who has a problem with “empire”.
well not all…
one writer at latina magazine tho.
this is what she had said in her write up

4-empire4. Where are the Latinos?

Author: jamari fox

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23 thoughts on “They’re Mad That No Latinos Are on Empire”

  1. Out of the 10 things this is what you have a problem with? I found this to be accurate. I strongly disagree with your “novella” remark. Novella’s are different from a show like empire, the writer’s issues is clearly stated in the last few parts of her paragraph. If the show is centered around hip hop music then people who contribute to hip hop should be represented on the show. I understand where she’s coming from. Also Michael didn’t make music on the or contribute to hip hop so he doesn’t count, he was just there…

    I agree it sucks we have to share with everyone but black man in America… anything is hardly fair for us. Over it.

  2. Celiac disease needs to have SEVERAL SEATS. Maybe she should critique why Latino productions hardly feature Afro-Latinas/Latinos. Hmm girl let us talk about how the Latino “community” hardly want to recognize their own afro-Latinas/latinos but want to complain why they aren’t featured in our productions? In their productions, they only feature light skin or white Latinas/Latinos, so let’s get that straight. And if my memory serves me correctly, quite a few Latinas/Latinos don’t even want to be associated with blackness or black folks unless it is cool or it clearly benefits them. I am all for cultural critique, but make sure your shit is together before you check into someone else’s garden.

    1. I’m an Afro-Latino and I don’t see the lie. I like the way Empire is and I can give two cent if they act Latin@s or not because anyway the only Latin@s they will feature is white or Italian-looking like Jamal ex, so I don’t care.

    2. Thank you!! Black people are incredibly underrepresented in every form of media, including tv but now that we’ve created a successful space for ourselves, everyone wants to jump on. Afrolatinos aren’t shown in Latino-centric shows so why complain now?

  3. I wonder does she want to see a person who looks “latino” by our society standards like Sofia Vergara playing a latin character, or would she be happy with a black latina/o like Tatyana Ali playing the same part though they may not fit our society idea of a latina/o… I think that it would be a good look to cast a brown/dark skin latina/o in the show

  4. Dear Ms . Celia San Miguel
    On behalf of the cast and crew of Empire we just want to say this to you…

    Empire Viewer

  5. I think lee Daniels should bring back Jamal’s Spanish boyfriend to the show to keep some of the Spanish people who may feel the way this writer feels happy. I know they don’t want to lose ratings! you know I feel that we as black people can share some things. There is enough room for everyone to be successful.

    1. That’s the problem tho. Black people are ALWAYS the ones sharing things when we barely have enough food on our plate to spare. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

  6. This is one of the only “black” TV shows in years where the majority of the cast is “black.” How many of those have we had since 90’s sitcoms like Martin, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, & Living Single went off the air? And I agree with you about the novellas. Have we ever seen a Latino that looked like Don Omar or Tego Calderón appear on any of those novellas? For all we know, one of Luscious parents is PR or Dominican. The way Terrence Howard was strumming that guitar in the Best Man, he could pull it off. I think he might be fluent in another language too.

    If it’s a must, call Gina Torres. Not Sophia freaking Vergara. I’m tired of her.

  7. The shows hot and everybody wants to be associated. If it were a flop, it would be a different story.

  8. That bitch can go suck a dick. She knows nothing of the culture that birthed hip hop. If she knew anything she would know that hip hop has roots in other genres that come from BLACK people. That is our brilliance and that shit was not no dam joint effort. It was birthed by us and fueled by us and only authentically grows from us. Also I wonder if that bitch understands that Latino is indicative of one’s ethnic background and not race, which is why there are white, mixed, and black Latinos. Like some other people said I’m sure if they casted a black Latino that bitch would still be upset. Its funny how she could focus on Latinos not being represented or acknowledged for their contribution to a Black birthed art form when I’m sure the bitch is blithely unaware or will never care to acknowledge how much if not the majority of the so called Latino culture has African roots. Tell that bitch to try that shit with dem white folks.

  9. There are black latinos and white latinos. Who’s to say that some of the blacks on Empire are not latinos? It seems to me that she’s prejudiced/discriminatory to discount black latinos. And there are plenty of black latinos in Cuba, Brazil, Honduras, Peru, etc. Black latinos are latinos too, although they are discriminated against and suffer their versions of Jim Crow in their countries and they suffered slavery just like us. The white latinos can be among the most racist against blacks.

    She should talk about how the white latinos are going to stop their racist oppression against black latinos!

  10. Wait..don’t they have Telemundo, telenovella, labamba, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez all up on idol just before empire comes on

  11. There are a lot of Hispanics shows that don’t have African American on it. Hip hop community has always been majority blacks. There has been some Puerto Rican influences in the hip hop community. But can we get our shine on first! The Hispanic community have they own television network that doesn’t display no one but their culture. And no one isn’t complaining about that!!!

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