“Latino Issues With Racism Ain’t Our Problem Jamari”

976be2795e2704a214a29bf4c26f332fi feel like when people are experiencing racism,
regardless of race,
it’s everyone’s issue.
it affects us all.
well in my eyes it does.
as black people,
we can relate to intense racism from some white people.
we can even experience it from the other races as well.
well i missed the memo when it has nothing to do with “us”,
then its not our issue.
one of my home-vixens let me know that couple minutes ago.
of course i ran to the foxhole.
so this video is making its rounds on facebook.
its an older white she-jackal telling a older latina to speak english.
well check it out…
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They’re Mad That No Latinos Are on Empire

tumblr_nicmocynPr1u6t7vjo1_1280…and it starts.
a show becomes successful and everyone starts to pick it apart.
this time its our spanish foxhole who has a problem with “empire”.
well not all…
one writer at latina magazine tho.
this is what she had said in her write up

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