michael sam is blaming the gays for his career going nowhere

i always didn’t understand the point of coming out so publicly.
it’s like you get this massive celebration,
 confetti goes up in the air,
but as soon as the novelty wears off,
it ends up with no one giving a fuck about you.
you learn quickly that your sexuality doesn’t mean you’re a unicorn.
it’s like a celeb who has nothing else to offer.
you’re back to being a regular person who happens to be gay.
well ex baller wolf,
michael sam,
is “that person”.
hes’sblaming the gay community for it as well.
a foxholer sent me the article via “the blaze“…

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antonio brown wants you to drip all over

^in my eyes,
^this is how i view nfl baller wolf for the steelers,

antonio brown.
aside from that amazing chest,
he has a really beautiful smile.
he has a nice twerk too:

if you watch his snaps,
he’ll¬† like a deer in headlights with that smile.
antonio wants you to drip.
i’m sure you’re wondering what that means.
he showed and told us in his recent interview with gq…
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Trevante Rhodes Chest Hairs Come “Out”

this should make up for the last entry.
ever since i saw “moonlight”,
i’ve been wanting a wolf like “black”.
i was dumb attracted to his character.
i like the wolves that are battling something for some reason.
his issues and bawdy tho…
lawd jesus…
that sculpted bawdy.
well trevante rhodes,
who is the owner of that bawdy,
just had a photo shoot with “out magazine”.
look at this foxhole…
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Cam Newton is Entering “New Blackness” Territory

Cam-Newtonhas baller wolf for the carolina panthers,
cam newton,
been turned out?

i’m starting to believe so.
i should have known by some of his outfit choices.
so in a recent interview with gq for the september issue,
cam thinks we are past racism.
as a nation,
that is.
this is what he had to say via espn
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They’re Mad That No Latinos Are on Empire

tumblr_nicmocynPr1u6t7vjo1_1280…and it starts.
a show becomes successful and everyone starts to pick it apart.
this time its our spanish foxhole who has a problem with “empire”.
well not all…
one writer at latina magazine tho.
this is what she had said in her write up

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So The World Has Suddenly Discovered Timbs or Nah?

Tim_Fronthas anyone ever wore timbs?
well if you are from new yawk,
or anywhere with a cold winter,
you may have worn a pair of constructs.
well elle magazine has lost it today.
i snuck on twitter and saw a couple people goin in on a tweet.
the topic?
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