So The World Has Suddenly Discovered Timbs or Nah?

Tim_Fronthas anyone ever wore timbs?
well if you are from new yawk,
or anywhere with a cold winter,
you may have worn a pair of constructs.
well elle magazine has lost it today.
i snuck on twitter and saw a couple people goin in on a tweet.
the topic?

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 8.42.57 PM18_Sleepers_Brad_Pitt.









the “new” fashion shoe?
when did they get old?
i need danielle prescod and elle to get with the program!
i’m mad danielle is a sista:

2rfe99j^she wrote the article (that it looks like they took down).
has she ever watched a jodeci video?

hell any video from the 90s for that matter?
is google not working in her life?
has she never stepped foot outside?
i’m confused.
in any hood,
you will see someone rockin’ some fresh timbs.
a nice white t.
a bomber jacket.
fresh levis.
a nice pair of tims.
even the vixens do it as well.
hell some people even rocked them in the summer.
thats a whole nother “stank feet fest” story.
shit lets be real…
you ever got smashed by a wolf wearin’ nothing but timbs?

tumblr_lil745VOIv1qh4bkao1_500you may need too.
sorry ratchet jamari talkin’.
i wore tims out back in 02-04.
i had all kinds of colors and even the ones in leather.
i will need chris brown to come up off these ones tho:

first flap jack twerkin’ and now timbs?
whats next?
air force 1s?
door knocka earrings?
the color brown?
what is happening to the world?

lowkey: watch them jack up the price of timbs now.
next thing you know they gonna go after field boots.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “So The World Has Suddenly Discovered Timbs or Nah?”

  1. Once a white person wears something good it all of s sudden becomes a fashion must have. Remember reminds me when Carrie had a nameplate necklace in SATC which all the girl girls just had to copy. Lol

    I’m getting me a pair of timbs this month because I’ve been wanting some again. I had a pair when I was younger but didn’t really know to style so I outgrew them. I guess somethings are better the second time around.

    1. ^the thing I hate about timbs is they aren’t that good for snow.
      you gotta water proof em so they don’t get dirty.
      if your jeans run on them,
      they stain quick.
      you gotta buy 50-11 products just to make sure they look good!
      the sales people always trying to shove a ton of products down your throat lol

  2. Ugh this is just like the whole gelled down baby hairs and skull caps on the runways of recent! These things have been around like what since the 80s n 90s ? Now they treat it like it’s so fresh and new

  3. I get pair of Timbs every other year lol. Bout to get my next pair after Christmas. I prefer Timbs over kicks to be honest. People need to start lacing them up better tho. If you don’t, they will lose their body really fast and start leaning and shit. I mean I saw a dude wearing a pair that looked like they could have been Jason’s boots from Friday the 13th. It’s funny that I’ve had my current pair for almost two years, and they still have their shape and look good.

    Y’all remember when POLO boots were trying to take over a few years back? I swore I was the only one wearing Timbs lol.

      1. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with them. They were just growing in popular than Timbs at one point.

  4. They already went up in price. When I wore timbs (in every color. Remember the off white suede ones?) they were 125-140. Now, they are a whopping 180. I refuse. So I found a nice coupon. And not for the buttnekkids(the ones without the leather back or double sole).

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