Me and Adrian Peterson Need To Have A Pow Wow

AP_adrian_peterson4_ml_141008_16x9_992^that was adrian peterson and his wife in court today.
good choice on outfits and color palettes.
so adrian plead not guilty as he would.
the trial for his child abuse allegations start in december.
he is lookin’ to up to 2 years if convicted.
before he went to court,
he decided to defend himself to us on twitter with a series of tweets.
this time its for the alleged “charity orgy” allegations…

“defense one”:
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.31.53 PMhmmm.
and then there was “defense two”:

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.32.37 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.32.47 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.32.58 PM.









847bbe6042022ae0_blair-waldorf-dair-lovers-29497676-500-281okay whats “place” adrain?
i don’t understand that text conversation.
was that to dispute the “orgy” claims?
it read like someone was texting him…
again confused.

i like you.
i have written about you many times before.
why would you even assume people wouldn’t believe allegations?
your mouth says one thing and your actions say another.
the tribe of cubs by different vixens doesn’t really help.
at this point,
your entire character is under question.
the “i am one of the lord’s shepherds” biblical tweets certainly don’t help.
where was the lord before this scandal?
you always do this once some shit goes down.
the religious tweets actually make you look faker than a two dollar bill.
everyone who does wrong runs to god.
they start putting up memes as soon as they get haters.
who does your pr?

if i was doing your image,
between now and december,
you need to be as quiet as a church mouse.
no pun intended.
maybe throw up a family picture on thanksgiving.
your new image is that of “the big black child abuser”.
people don’t even see one of the best running backs in the league.
you need to not go on the defense because that makes you look guiltier.
god forbid you have anymore secrets the powers that be will use against you.
in other words:

“shut the fuck up and sit your ass down”

go into hiding.
work out.
go fishing.
go buy some new suits.
learn a trade.
reinvent your image because this “perfect act”…
do anything but get on social media and defend yourself.
in a scandal,
the lies are more believable than the truth.
it sells newspapers.
makes people click blogs.
write their opinions on social media.
dissect everything you have done and said up until this point.
don’t make tmz come after you.
they will have you out here lookin’ like an idiot.
silence is golden.
these baller wolves gon’ learn to listen to jamari fox.
well with a price.
i don’t fix lives for free.
000f7egttweets and pictures taken: twitter

9 thoughts on “Me and Adrian Peterson Need To Have A Pow Wow

  1. Jamari have you ever thought about doing PR for celebrities. Because your advice is spot-on. Go West young man. I think you have some clients that need your sage wisdom in LA!

    1. ^i def would!
      i would like to start an image consulting company.
      i want to specialize in helping men get the help they need,
      but I’m willing to help women as well.
      depends on the case tho.
      i need a project to wrk on to help strengthen my resume!

  2. AMEN JAMARI…dont know why you always do this shit for FREE…..LET THEM PAY U BOO…..he should listen to your advise cause right at this minute HE GOT NO PR TEAM, sorry cheap ass nigga should get one , and he is running to the Lord as if the Lord is on his side….lol….these negroes never fail to amuse me.

  3. Why…why must celebs be so stupid? I yearn for the days where would hear bout their lives and go wow. Now its like who cares. People in this world are so attention obsessed it’s crazy. People do stupid stuff just to be recognized. From twitter to Instagram to big brother that is facebook. I honestly think this world is going to shit and we’re one flush away from the toilet overflowing and leaking onto the bathroom floor.

  4. These celebs need to realize social media is doing them more harm than good. It really shows how foolish they really are. He should have taken a few days to get his story straight and then issued a nice, well written statement. Instead he goes on twitter and rambles on like a fool.

    1. Half the shit they ramble about, I don’t even understand anyway.

      I’ve been an AP fan for years, but people will never look at him the same again.

  5. Yea…I think he is going to the big house. People don’t play when it comes to children and women, I def don’t.

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