Me and Adrian Peterson Need To Have A Pow Wow

AP_adrian_peterson4_ml_141008_16x9_992^that was adrian peterson and his wife in court today.
good choice on outfits and color palettes.
so adrian plead not guilty as he would.
the trial for his child abuse allegations start in december.
he is lookin’ to up to 2 years if convicted.
before he went to court,
he decided to defend himself to us on twitter with a series of tweets.
this time its for the alleged “charity orgy” allegations…
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Keep It On The Low Key (No One Better Know?)

juliaroberts1one of my favorite actresses is julia roberts.
not only for her movies and being my lust sign scorpio,
but how she carries herself.
she keeps out the public eye,
will cuss you the hell out for even violating that,
and knows she is good at what she does.
julia is my spirit animal.
i was catching up on my entertainment today and read her interview with marie claire,
on which her graces the cover in december.
she spoke on staying away from social media and how she doesn’t google herself period….
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The Skinny On Fat Joe’s New Living Situation This Year

tumblr_ly9e83Oc1M1qlv0fphot meals.
cute wolves.
sign us up?
it feels good to get news when it breaks.

especially when it breaks before everyone else.
i had to post when i got this drop from cliff view pilot.
it looks like fat joe is headed to the big house and well…

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mental homework (6)

I wrote an entry yesterday about Wolves and their sometime-y aggression.
One of my aces,
came through and knocked a comment out the park for me.
I love when I read a comment and it makes me tingle inside.
(mind out the gutter pervert)

I like the long hard tingles of inspiration

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