mental homework (5)


Here’s most of you guys problems here-

-you guys use labels way too much (no offense)
* like the whole wolf and fox terminology is cute and great because honestly its really catchy, but in my opinion, it also creates a sense of separation and desperation as well. however I do understand that in blogs you do have to use some labels to get the reader’s understanding of what you mean.

-you guys over analyze everything, like its not even funny
* If you have a bromance, appreciate it for exactly what it is, until an opportunity arrives for it become more. And what I mean by until it becomes more is that Life is Life, its full of surprises, so anything can happen, don’t shoot your dreams down because you hear stories of it not happening, you just never know what’s going to happen and what will happen. however any little thing that does happen does not require a deep processed thought of how this has happened, why me, what does he means by this, is he flirting with me etc. Your thinking too much. When you ponder on something have you notice that it never seems to be the results you’ve hope for. Just relax!!!! it’ll happen when you least expect it

-Some of you put these so called “wolves” on this huge pedalstal
* when you put them on a pedalstal you automatically give them an advantage over you. All the while not realizing that you are contributing to their ego’s, in lighter terms your making them who they are and the way they act. to sound brash: WHEN YOU DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK, THEY MIGHT ACTUALLY GIVE A TWO FUCKS!!!! and makes it an even ball game, I’m totally just saying. Sometimes it just sounds so desperate and weak for “foxes” to act like its a dream come true, when in reality, it could also be a “wolfs” dream to actually meet someone like you. KNOW YOUR VALUE. remember if you are a fox or have fememine tendancies cool thats fine, but no one wants a pansy or complete push over or someone that questions every little thing, that’s what women are for no offense, you have to offer something beside being a sexaul object. remember it has to be 50/50. Just relax and focus on other things like bettering yourself to put you in alignment to what it is that you want. WHEN YOU BECOME GREAT PEOPLE NOTICE!!!!

-Men, straight men, or wolves and foxes are not just sexual objects
* When you looking to be with someone or in their presense sex shouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind, but it also shouldn’t be the last either ;) everyone has a preference its human nature, but also realize that when you build an attraction for someone make sure that the person has a personality that is very mannerable and treats you great instead of if he has swag, he looks good, or he has a huge mandingo, even though its would be great to have well except for a huge mandingo ew!!, prefer average, but yeah you should drop the whole sex crazed acts when in a bromance.

Oh and also not every straight guy or so called wolf is hot!!!! or is a hot experience.

– android prone,

“Yo Straight Gay Wolf, Do Wanna Be My Manz? PAUSE and NO HOMO.”

That entry helped kick off his month RIGHT.
My box was flooded with emails from Foxes who had their “AH HA” moment.
I also had my AH HA moment and I am pretty much seeing things differently.
Everyone is doing amazing so far.
Let’s keep it up because I can already tell 2012 will be THE YEAR.