No One Is Really 100% Straight

i was talking to pose one day and she said:

“There are a lot of males out here that are experimenting.”

social media and the foxhole have show me this also.
males you think are “straight” are secretly experimenting.
i believe that folks aren’t 100% straight or gay.
this includes males too.
i believe anyone can fall into same sex relations,
even if it’s jackin off or a strong emotional connection.
well a foxholer sent me an article that may prove me right.
it seems there might be some truth to this theory.
this is what i was sent via “the daily mail”
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…well i didn’t say it.
^they did.
there maybe truth to it tho.
according to some vixens i know/talk to,
some straight males can’t really fuck.
there is:

“let me explore each part of her walls with my penis”
“let me see how hard i can bang her head off”

most straight males seem to do the latter.

pulling hair
slapping on the ass
 asking “you like this shit?/is this my shit?”
and telling all his friends who she is sprung off the dick

that don’t mean you’re good in bed.
it means you might be an abusive dickhead.
gays and bis don’t laugh.
we’re not too far behind.
there was a study that i read recently that confirmed it as well.
this is what the shortlist had to say…
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mental homework (6)

I wrote an entry yesterday about Wolves and their sometime-y aggression.
One of my aces,
came through and knocked a comment out the park for me.
I love when I read a comment and it makes me tingle inside.
(mind out the gutter pervert)

I like the long hard tingles of inspiration

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mental homework (5)


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