…well i didn’t say it.
^they did.
there maybe truth to it tho.
according to some vixens i know/talk to,
some straight males can’t really fuck.
there is:

“let me explore each part of her walls with my penis”
“let me see how hard i can bang her head off”

most straight males seem to do the latter.

pulling hair
slapping on the ass
 asking “you like this shit?/is this my shit?”
and telling all his friends who she is sprung off the dick

that don’t mean you’re good in bed.
it means you might be an abusive dickhead.
gays and bis don’t laugh.
we’re not too far behind.
there was a study that i read recently that confirmed it as well.
this is what the shortlist had to say…


Here’s a bit of news that will probably shock no one except the very people it’s about – straight men are the worst people in the world at sex.

We’re not just talking about the 16-year-olds who have no idea what the fuck they’re doing with it all either (you probably know what we mean here), nope, we’re talking about all straight men. Yes all men. We’re all rubbish at sex, compared with every other group, anyway.

This is according to a new study of 52,600 people which aimed to explore the “orgasm gap” (like the gender pay gap, but for banging) between people of different genders and sexual orientations.

The study found that straight women have the fewest orgasms, with 65% saying they usually climaxed during sex.

And what makes this worse is that the group that orgasmed most was… straight men, with 95%. So yeah, that stuff about straight men being lazy in bed really isn’t a myth.

The study, which was carried out by Indiana University, Chapman University and Claremont Graduate University, showed that the number of people who said they normally came during sex were:

  • 65% of heterosexual women
  • 66% of bisexual women
  • 86% of lesbian women
  • 88% of bisexual men
  • 89% of gay men
  • 95% of heterosexual men

It’s not really a surprise that of the six groups studied, the three who said they came most were men, and the three who came least were women.

And this study also seems to show pretty unequivocally that gay people are better at sex than straight people.

This could actually be the key to making straight men better at sex, too. Straight men need to learn from lesbian women, basically.

“The fact that lesbian women orgasmed more often than heterosexual women indicates that many heterosexual women could experience higher rates of orgasm,” the research team said.

So more oral and foreplay is what they’re saying here. Try to stop focusing on your dick for a bit and think about other things.

Indeed the researchers stated in their report that there was a clear link between more oral sex and more orgasms. It said: “Of particular importance was incorporating oral sex along with other activities during a sexual encounter”.

i can believe it.
vixens know what vixens want.
weird that some gays don’t.
gays are notorious for fucking like they just got out of jail.
don’t even get me started on the dl wolves up in your hole.
some of them be using their pipes like a jack hammer.
most males in general fuck like they are jacking off or “let me hurry before i get caught by my parents”.
it’s all about getting theirs than the other person underneath.
or in front.
or on the side.
you get the idea.

the best sex i ever had was from a one nighter years ago.
he was this sexy ass wolf i’ll never forget.
pipe was a sleek all black mushroom cut.
my fav!
we were both attracted to each other heavy.
he would be a great contender for a “meat” post.
he fucked me like he been studying “sex” for years.

ate my bunz
changed positions

changed rooms to my couch
kissed me
picked me up
asked me what i liked
knew when to go slow and when to speed up
had me asking myself “how the fuck did i get upside down?”
had me asking myself, “why am i sucking his dick upside down?”

it was amazing and i’ll never forget that pipe down.
he never sent me one nude or a jack off video.
this is why i’m not impressed with those.
it’s shows me how YOU pleasure yourself.
a big dick or lots of nut doesn’t tell me if you gonna fuck me good.
it just tells me that you like to touch yourself on camera.
learning how to fuck is an art.
it’s not watching a porno and emulating what you see.
its more than that.
i don’t even know if i’m good at pleasing a wolf,
but i’d love to learn.
its a shame most of us are just getting fucked…
…and not in the good way.

low-key: this wolf has learned the art of fuckin’…

x example one
x example two
x example three
x example four
x example five

that looks like that “delirious dick”.
the type of dick you think about days after you get it.

read more from the article at: short list

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “STRAIGHT MALES CAN’T FUCK”

  1. It’s so ironic because, straight wolves would swear all the foxes dream of fuckin them lol! Yes! Sometimes they look hella good… but let’s be real , they really can’t fuck. I believe sometimes because we may fantasize about a straight wolf …then actually fuck, we give it more “stars” then it really deserves lol! But anyway this deff hit the nail on the head👌🏾

      1. ^Co-sign J!! I’ve heard stories. The women see a guy they like, whether he’s cute or muscular or whatever, but then they get him in bed…and they trash him! Heard it so many times.
        Like you said, just cause you bang somebody hard don’t mean you can fuck. Most guys get their nut and it’s a wrap. They don’t care if their partner gets off or not. I’ve heard the minuteman stories, the selfish lover stories, the he too rough stories…but most kats don’t think they’re doing anything wrong.

      2. yep. And @ Christian, Ive heard that as well. The dudes with the sick bodies and bitches be like his dick was hella small and he couldnt fuck. Im like wtf. lmfao. I am a very analytical person. So, sometimes, when people be saying the dick was small (both male and female), I be thinking, whats your definition of a small OR average size dick. LOL. Bc I have to constantly get that straight with people. People have the same definition of small when it comes to the dick. We need to have a standard to go by. lol Yeah, imma little weird like that, but the analytical side of me like precise estimations. lol Like if it was 5.5-7 then thats average to me. 7.5-8.5 is above average and anything that 8.5 or bigger is considered big to me, esp with they have the girth to go with it. And lets be real, alot of these dudes are no bigger than 8 inches, even though they may look it. And yes, theres always the exception.

        Ok fuck it. @ Jamari, we need to and by we. I mean you. LMFAO You need to add a thread so they can have a standard of dick size measurements. Micro, small, average, above average, big, Mandingo. lol Again, its the analytical side of me. lol

    1. A lot of dudes are just plug and play. They just sticking the dick in and just going for what they know. And so many of them go unchecked. If, you have some experience why would you just lay their and let that dude do what the fuck ever knowing it doesn’t feel good. Check it. You dont have to be nasty about it, but check it. My friend had to do it with his dude.

  2. Lmao your orgasm or climax is your responsibility.

    I bet straight men have sex the most out of all parties involved and those same women that had no orgasm came right back.

    1. ^in my opinion,
      the orgasm is the responsibility of both parties.
      both should be involved in getting each other off.
      it’s a team effort.
      if not,
      you can masturbate and get the same effect.
      plus sex is one of the many factors someone comes back.

      1. Eh, I don’t think that way anymore.

        Maybe if there was some kind of connection or relationship, but if we are just hooking up and you weren’t actively trying to get yours during the act, you really expect me to stick around after I get mine?

        I’ve fucked men and women that are going to make sure they get there’s lol

    1. @butter…Now Xavier, that dude can fuck! He sensual about his.
      There’s another porn guy, Chosen One, he’s another that’s good with his. He alternates his speed, between slow and fast.

  3. The problem with so many dudes (esp black dudes) that is the play on stereotypes. People automatically think that all black men know how to fuck. And people think that pounding and jackhammering shit that some dudes do makes for good sex. So, not the case all the time, it has a time and place for that. And its not for every fuck session we have. I have a friend that’s dating a older dude, and he said that sexy is good, with one exception in the beginning. And it was bc dude was a little too aggressive and they were a little out of sync bc of it. And, I was like its probably bc he was probably use to fucking dudes and females that just lay there and take his dick and dont try to through it back or control it at all. So, when he came across you (and you being a low key hoe back in the day. lol) and knowing what good sex feels like that pounding shit doesn’t feels good as much. He has sense corrected the behavior in dude. But, a lot of dudes go unchecked. If you dont know how, you have to learn how to control the dick, throw it back on his ass. lol. And, in the vid samples, three things stood out in a good way: 1. oral (a lot of tops dont like to give oral, but want you sucking their dicks for like 10 esp hood dudes that pretty much plug and play. You suck my dick and I will commence to fucking you. lol 2. the stroking, he wasn’t just ground and pound, and 3. the dick size, he was a little above average (looking like a good 7.5-8 inches), you dont have to have your dick hanging to your knees for sex to be good. That’s a stereotype that so many people need to get pass. I say it all the time, the best sex, Ive ever had was with average to slighty above average dudes. I personally prefer them.

  4. To be honest I’m not surprised as many straight women that I know that have talked about unsuccessful sexual activity. Not saying gay dudes are any better a out of the guys that i’ve been with only about 2 or 3 have made me actually orgasm.

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