Andre Sinclair is A Chocolate Eclair (Creamy Filling?)

i love chocolate.
while others like caramel and vanilla,
i’d rather swallow some smooth milk chocolate.
take that how you may.
that is how i’ve always felt about the chocolate kappa wolf,
andre sinclair.
he is an actor/model wolf who has done a lot since i last wrote about him.
( x 2014 )
well a foxholer mentioned him to me recently and i had to look him up.
well andre’s chocolate seems to have gotten better

“hi bw!
we gonna have to talk about these wolves soon love…”

andre’s bawdy>>>>>

he has been my type also.
he is very animated and doesn’t take himself seriously.
he has sensual eyes and some “sit here please” lips.
he has some serious cake as well:

i’ve melted.

lowkey: he looks like a str8 freak.
i can sniff these things out.
he looks like he no inhibitions in bed.
is it ratchet to say i’d want him to re-arrange my foxhole?

is that wrong?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Andre Sinclair is A Chocolate Eclair (Creamy Filling?)

  1. I get that vibe that this is another one of those kats where it looks like the cover may be better than the actual book. If ya’ll get my drift.

  2. Rearrange your foxhole. Jamari youze so nasty. lmfao. I feel the same way every time I see Thomas Q. Jones. lol

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