The Vanishing Paw Prints of Andre Sinclair

these new school model wolves don’t want it like i thought.
they want the attention,
but when they get it,
they can’t perform.
this could be a major key into their sex lives.
well an f-bi told me that andre sinclair has allegedly vanished off of instagram.
i posted about him ( x here ) and now he is gone.
i hope my entry wasn’t the case.
i went to his page and was greeted with the

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Andre Sinclair is A Chocolate Eclair (Creamy Filling?)

i love chocolate.
while others like caramel and vanilla,
i’d rather swallow some smooth milk chocolate.
take that how you may.
that is how i’ve always felt about the chocolate kappa wolf,
andre sinclair.
he is an actor/model wolf who has done a lot since i last wrote about him.
( x 2014 )
well a foxholer mentioned him to me recently and i had to look him up.
well andre’s chocolate seems to have gotten better
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Andre Sinclair Is Tattoos and Raw Chocolate

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 8.32.16 PMi remember i wrote about ^this one sometime ago.
i thought he was his body was what my fantasies were made of.
well i stumbled upon him today randomly.
 i had to post about him.
everyone meet andre sinclair….

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