The Vanishing Paw Prints of Andre Sinclair

these new school model wolves don’t want it like i thought.
they want the attention,
but when they get it,
they can’t perform.
this could be a major key into their sex lives.
well an f-bi told me that andre sinclair has allegedly vanished off of instagram.
i posted about him ( x here ) and now he is gone.
i hope my entry wasn’t the case.
i went to his page and was greeted with the

…wtf happened?
i’m starting to see who is serious and who is an alleged attentionisto.
did the foxhole hit that follow button list and he couldn’t keep it up?
he’ll be back tho.
they always come back for another round.

lowkey: i find it strange he has like 3 alleged cubs he took off his ig.
i wonder if they were all with the same vixen?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “The Vanishing Paw Prints of Andre Sinclair”

  1. Its like riding the trains in NYC. Every once in a while you see some idiot (male or female) crying for attention. And when you give it to them they cant handle it. They get offended by it. Dumb as cockroach(es). lol The insta-male thots are worse than the insta-female thots

  2. Naw it is not you. I follow this dude and he always randomly disappears. And it is always around him and his baby mama. One minute he is a proud black king with his nubian queen and Cubs all on IG.
    They disappear and he returns as a single shirtless black man all oiled up.
    He will return

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