Miley Cyrus Used Your Money For New Clothes!

i love when i predict the future.
it’s like a gift i have.
remember that “miley cyrus/chitlins circuit” side show in ’13?
her twerking and trying to be down with the blacks.
oh God,
remember that god awful mtv vma performance?

even though i liked two of the singles off the era,
it was still embarrassing
for her.
well miley have changed outfits ya’ll!
the twerking snow hipster queen is now…

…back to fire fly catching on them dirt roads in tennessee.

i’m sure there are some very upset they weren’t getting “bangerz 2”!
i hated when “those” who use to defend her would say:

“It’s just a phase!”


Black culture is just a phase?

when certain blacks try to adopt “white culture”,
or even interracial date,
it’s never called “a phase”.
it’s called “a low down dirty ass negro to banish”.
funny how we give others a pass.
if you’re interested,
you can read billboard’s write up about the new “miley cyrus”:


pictures credited: billboard

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Used Your Money For New Clothes!

  1. “I’ve got to glue this place back together” Girl if you don’t gtfoh 😑😑😑

    You said it though. It was cute how she picked up and dropped black culture when she was done. I guess the down home folksy image works better for her latest venture smh

  2. Like a bunch of black people said before she even started the twerkin’ she’s going to drop black culture so fast and be back to singing jolene(which is a fuckin’ bop thanks dolly parton) and about the best of both worlds once it doesn’t make her enough money/or she can get the white people back on her side.

  3. I’ve always said that Miley can sing and her voice style is better for country types songs instead of hip hop. I liked the hip hop songs, but watch her fly with the country/pop style songs on this coming album.

  4. Well it was only a matter of time before she switched back to country/pop. I don’t fault her for experimenting, but you have to stick to what you know; she’ll be back in the good graces of America. 🙄 As you stated, our artists can’t do that, without backlash from the start of the experimentation till the end of the experimentation.

  5. This course is taught in White Supremacy 101.

    White people use our culture (rather, their perception of blackness) for entertainment. They literally mock us and when they’re done….cash out. They don’t respect blackness, or black culture. We are the purveyors of “cool,” and they capitalize off it.

    It’s works for them, bc, there are plenty of blacks who love that shit. It’s minstrelrsy without the blackface. They lampoon our culture for profit, while we applaud them.

    When they’re done, they collect their coins, and ride off into Whiteville. We’re stuck in urban categories, despite our talent. We are a joke to them. They don’t respect our music unless it makes them dance, or if it reinforces stereotypes they already have. When we create music that is profound and encapsulates our life experience….they turn the other way. We lose Album of the Year.

    smh. Fuck Miley.

    1. AtlAnonymous you have blessed my soul, you save me the time because you expressed this so beautifully. We have seen this song and dance so many times from DeWhites but sadly you will still have many Blacks falling on swords to save their white saviors. 45 has pretty much sealed the deal with me on them, I have nothing for them. Like a good neighbor they can stay their ass over there and I am good in my lane. Madonna, Marky Mark, Justin Timberfake, they all have done it, but after playtime, they get to go back to the Whiteside of town to play where the policemen dont shoot first and they dont have to fight for basic survival. “F” these culture vultures.

  6. Well she used our creation for her advancement. Sounds about right. Black people need people who create need to have full “OWNERSHIP OF THEIR CREATIONS”. If you don’t people will take you creation and leave you the creator behind. History has shown this again and again.

  7. For some reason, we LOVE when white folks sing/rap/dance/talk like us. Its not a compliment. It’s appropriation and an insult to our talents. From Elvis Presley to Madonna, its never changed. In the world of music, Miley simply did what so many other white artist do; put on cultural blackface for a few years, collect pop Grammys for their diluted R&B music, then when its no longer profitable, punch it back to “pop-ville” or “country-town”. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake( the Christopher Columbus of R&B), in 2000 all tried to shed their “pop” personas and all ran straight to R&B producers(Pharrell, Timberland, Rockweiler) who happily helped them “play” in our culture. Miley is more of the same. She can twerk her boney ass all over awards shows and creates a pop culture phenomenon while Beyonce, arguably the biggest pop star in the world, got dragged by white people for performing Daddy Issues within a traditionally white space(The CMA Awards). the defend their culture, we give ours away so freely because we think its cute then wonder why R&B is dying to the point of not even a televised category during the Grammy Awards. The genre that brought us Whitney, Aretha, Luther, Chaka etc is now marginalized. Sad(Trump voice).

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