Their DL Situationship Was So Hot (It Set Off The Fire Alarm)

or something like it,
can make you do crazy things.
i know.
although this following story gets a “come on bruh” gif,
it is real life for some.
so a gay male finds out his dl boyfriend had a vixen.
they usually do.
well he decided to set himself to fire and…

A gay 40-year-old in Namibia set himself alight during a row after finding his boyfriend with a woman.

Kasera (name changed) is a gay man but his partner of five years Dandu (name changed), aged 32, does not identify as gay.

I found Kasera sitting in hospital with bandages covering his head, arms and part of his face.

He told me: ‘I have been in hospital since the 14 April.

‘On that particular day I had been waiting for my boyfriend to come home as he had not returned home for days.

‘As the days passed, he still did not contact me nor had he returned home.

‘So I decided to go over to his mom’s place to see if everything is ok as I could also not reach him on his phone.’

Dandu’s family has been against their relationship.

When Kasera arrived at Dandu’s mother’s home, he asked if his partner was there.

But Dandu’s mother told him: ‘He wants nothing to do with you. He is with his girlfriend in his room.

‘I had told you for years to leave my child alone as you taught him this moffie things.’

Moffie is a South African word for ‘effeminate’ or a gay man.

In response, Kasera says he barged past her to get to the bedroom and see for himself.

He discovered Dandu was with a woman. Dandu jumped up and shouted to Kasera to leave.

Kasera says: ‘In that moment I rushed out and went to the closest filling station and bought petrol and matches.

‘I rushed back to Dandu’s room and we had a quarrel. I asked him why he was cheating on me? He stood there and looked at me arrogantly.

‘That’s where I decided to pour the petrol on me and lit the match and here I am. That’s how I ended up in hospital.’

He spent a week in the hospital’s intensive care unit but says he is now feeling much better.

He added: ‘Over the years Dandu has been such a loving partner though he would control my movements, money and my association with other people.

‘However recently he has been strange and more possessive and controlling.’

Speaking with tears in his eyes, Kasera said: ‘I need to say that I have no regrets of what I did as I love Dandu very much.

‘But I know I will never give my all to a man again. And I will also not go through any form of abuse from another man.

‘He (Dandu) has not even come to see me after dropping me off at the hospital. I have been feeling lonely for a long time, I have no one to confide in nor do I have anyone who support me.

‘I have been relying on myself as my family choses when to associate themselves with me. Being in this hospital and not have anyone who visits breaks my heart.’

Kasera has asked the doctors at Katutura State Hospital to see a psychologist to help him through his emotions.

Kasera is described as being from the Damara region of Namibia. The Damara people make up 8.5% of the country’s population. Little is known of their origin and they may be descended from south-west African hunter gatherers.

Namibia criminalizes male homosexuality but the law is not regularly enforced. Kasera and Dandu’s names have been changed to protect their identity.

this story came right on time for me.
i thank the foxholer who sent me the story.
i won’t laugh at the gentleman within this story.
sometimes you fall so deep for the wrong one,
you don’t see the signs of their dyckery.
everyone else is warning you,
but your heart
that heart of yours wants to believe otherwise.

i bet that loneliness in that hospital room was loud.
to know that after he dropped him off at the hospital,
he wouldn’t see him again.
that pain must have been more excruciating than the wounds.
every time he looks in the mirror,
he will see the scars of that situation-ship.
this is a cautionary tale for everyone.
one of my foxholers said a quote to me that fits this situation:

“Never waste time on someone who’s image means more to them than you.”

truest words ever written.

lowkey: this isn’t a story to tell you not to love anymore.
it’s to show how far you can go when you want the love/attention of someone(s) who isn’t good for you.

story taken: gay star news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Their DL Situationship Was So Hot (It Set Off The Fire Alarm)”

  1. I feel bad for him he fell so hard for a guy that cared more about his family’s opinion than actually what he wanted, if the guy was what he wanted from the way he describes the relationship
    “Over the years Dandu has been such a loving partner though he would control my movements, money and my association with other people.”

    I doubt he truly loved the guy just saw him as a test or something.

    1. ^it’s a true story for many of us.

      even in a gay relationship,
      you can fall for someone hard and get hurt.

      i dont understand if the dl male was trying to be “straight”,
      why control his movements,
      and associations?
      wouldn’t he just use him for sex and kim?

  2. Sad story , being in love blinds most to the bs. I’m not judging the guy for the feelings he’s going through just hop he gets better and can move on to happier days.

    1. They’re in Namibia, so I wouldn’t try n draw any parallels with what u know/think might happen here….ijs, no disrespect to our Namibian followers…

  3. Aint no dick good enough for me to light myself on fire for. lol Bitch if you wanted to die, there’s so many less painful ways to go.

    1. Asian and African cultures in general are more collectivist – they value the needs of the community or the group over the needs of the individual like we do in the US and most of Europe where we have an individualistic culture. That’s why a lot of people in Africa and Asia live with their families even after they can afford to support themselves. They see it as taking care of their parents and a passing on of responsibility.

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