Odell Beckham Jr May Be Off The Market

odell beckham jr may have a new love interest.
i just heard someone scream.
i said “may”.
it’s close to summer and cuffing season is definitely over.
now we don’t know if the following ispy is serious or not,
or if it is even odell in said pic,

but check what a vix-bi sent me …

a platonic “friend” may not their paw on his tail like that.
  i would tho.
i’m jamari fox and i love baller wolves with nice tails.
so yeah…
…i really can’t call it with odell these days.
he is always linked to some vixen.
he is young,
the “it baller wolf” of the moment,
and pussy shouldn’t be a problem.
this could be one of 1,4567
or his vixen friend pushing him towards the counter.
i’m sure the f-bi will reveal her place in his life soon enough.

lowkey: she has a nice grip on that tight tail of his.
i don’t blame her.

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “Odell Beckham Jr May Be Off The Market”

  1. From reading the comments it’s extremely obvious you guys are single. You queens are so bitter! “He’s dating dem beckies” lmao You guys are making fun of her body but I am pretty certain you guys are fat and unattractive.

    In all seriousness, he probably dating her because she’s sweet. Sure there are some black women with banging bodies but they tend to be nasty bitches. Not everyone likes to be with a bitch. Come on, look at you guys. Why you think you’re single? I’m just saying.

    1. Based on my family, Maybe.
      Almost all my male cousins in Los Angeles have a white or latina girlfriend or wife.Half of my cousins in Texas and in Atlanta have white girlfriends.Keep in mind most of my cousins have criminal records,multiple baby mamas,not a “pot to piss in” yet more than half of them have white,latino girlfriends.Also most of the women have been to college,have jobs yet they are dating my cousins.Many of whom didn’t graduate high school.So being rich and famous is not a requirement based on my experience.
      Also a lot of the girlfriends are cute ,not all of them but most of them.I don’t understand how they are getting these girls.

  2. There’s no woman above the white woman if we’re talking about gold digging.

    Have we forgotten about Anna Nicole? Did we forget Ivanka Trump made a book titled “Don’t Get Mad, Get Everything!”

    Let’s be real, white women and foreign women are a status symbol to black men.

    I read this tweet that really struck a cord with me. It stated something like “Black women are the only women that have to wonder if a black man they’re interested in romantically even likes black women.”

  3. So Odell is dating a non Black woman and Black women are to blame ? So If he was dating a non Black man would Black men be to blame?
    A white man like Robert Deniro can only date black women but nobody ever says he is doing that because there is something wrong with white women.
    I will leave this here to help you understand how some black women feel, why some of them are hypersensitive.

    Malcolm X :The most disrespected person in America is the black woman.The most unprotected person is the black woman.The most neglected person in America is the black woman.

    I will add the most rejected woman in America is the black woman.Many studies have shown when it comes to dating sites.Black women and Asian Men get the least number of hits, in terms of people being interested in them.That’s why they are frustrated because they are loyal to black men.They are the group that are the least likely to date across racial lines.
    BTW I am saying They instead of US because I have no qualms dating non black guys.(I am not loyal when it comes to only dating black guys😂)

    I know this is a site geared toward
    Black Men but please be careful stereotyping black women. And implying we are the reason Black straight men date interracially unless you are going to also say Black men are the reason black gay men date across racial lines.

  4. Bad Built and Basic, yes he loves the Beckies, he will get his wake up call soon enough, hopefully before he falls deep into the sunken place.

    1. Why is it they always choose the white girls shaped like a box of hamburger helper?

      Got black women out here wearing waist trainers and 30in bundles in the summer time about to pass out trying to please them
      and they go for the base rate Becky or some foreign chick with urban style smh lol

      1. Because those are the type of women many black men with money tend to go after and on top of that, they’re the ones who will not milk these rich black men dry. Most black women (in the eyes of rich successful black men) are gold diggers and will do things like get bundles, waist trainers, etc. and also want that luxurious life style. Also, the way black women are portrayed in media are negative as well. Shows like “Basketball Wives” and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and also “Love and Hip Hop” all portray black women to be negative, gold digging, calculating, shady, messy, catty, and rude towards each other and their spouses (who are black men).

        1. ^you are speaking truth b.

          the media has our sistas looking all kinds of crazy.
          crazy how some snow bunnies have their issues as well and are never highlighted.
          most of the time,
          black wolves are a fetish for them.
          a “bbc” fantasy.
          as soon as a break up happens,
          some of them drive the bus themselves.

      2. There are PLENTY of black women out here who aren’t sniffing for a come-up and plenty of non-black women who are. Hell why yall think these “foreign” women suddenly appear? Lol We’re not gonna slander Black women because of a few ignorant shows (as black men, we should know better) as if white women haven’t been golddigging in the media for decades.

      3. @Brandon…our chicks get turnt up, but them heifers from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York, and Orange County get ignant too! Not to mention Mob Wives. They are portrayed as foul-mouthed, pampered, spoiled, stuck up, psychos on those shows as well. It’s not just the sistas that act out, although our girls can get a lil’ extra! I think the women on those shows can be just as bad, hell some of them are married to some OLD ass fucks trying to retain their youth through bad plastic surgery! Ewww!

  5. Let the uproar begin because she looks like a Becky. I said before that people will rarely see the people he dates because he dates outside of this race. I been knew this.

      1. He is dating Poly Ferfeli.They went to Six Flags Magic Mountain a couple of weeks ago.Her friend posted a pic of them holding hands on roller coaster.Her friend is Petra Te[email protected] read about them dating months ago on LSA

    1. This isn’t common knowledge that Odell likes Becky’s? I hope people aren’t fooling themselves.

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