joseph d and his perfect cheeks are off the market (wolves are crying everywhere)

joseph d (@josephd_fit) has the bawdy of a Gawd.
i mean,
he should since he is a personal trainer.
his best asset is well…


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you already know.
it seems that those fitness bunz had a blue check on it real heavy…

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Odell Beckham Jr May Be Off The Market

odell beckham jr may have a new love interest.
i just heard someone scream.
i said “may”.
it’s close to summer and cuffing season is definitely over.
now we don’t know if the following ispy is serious or not,
or if it is even odell in said pic,

but check what a vix-bi sent me …
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the fox who cried to the fione taken wolf

screenshot2013-11-04at10-22-40ami knew i was going to the event thursday night,
which started at 8pm (or was supposed to start),
so i decided to stay at work until then.
while as i waiting,
a fione wolf that i met earlier this year strolled into my office.
( x check old entry here )
thank god i was already looking fly.
he had to stop by after work to bring something to a co worker.
he wanted to come check me before he left.

“i haven’t seen you in a while…”

he said as he gave me a hug.

“i know.
i could say the same to you too.”

his back muscles>>>>
ever since i found out he…

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Mr. Butt Cheeks Ass Is Taken

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 6.23.37 PMwell it seems like foxhole fav,
jacob kohinoor aka mr. butt cheeks,
has been snatched up.
those butt cheeks now have handcuffs on them.
a foxholer sent me two videos of the potential love in his life…
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Andrew Caldwell Is Beatin’ Up The Coochie Now


it has happened.
andrew caldwell aka “i love the wimmenz” is taken.
not by a dl baller wolf who has a fetish for chipmunks.
he actually is now in a relationship with a vixen.
a vixen.
stop laughing.
no she is not blind either.
anyway check out the “lucky?” gal…
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Brad James Is Not Dating You

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.19.21 PMguess who this actor wolf belongs to?
no he is not mine.
if he wasn’t,
you def wouldn’t know.
well his name is brad james.
he plays on that tyler perry show,
“for better or worse”.
he is now allegedly dating this r&b vixen…
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