the fox who cried to the fione taken wolf

screenshot2013-11-04at10-22-40ami knew i was going to the event thursday night,
which started at 8pm (or was supposed to start),
so i decided to stay at work until then.
while as i waiting,
a fione wolf that i met earlier this year strolled into my office.
( x check old entry here )
thank god i was already looking fly.
he had to stop by after work to bring something to a co worker.
he wanted to come check me before he left.

“i haven’t seen you in a while…”

he said as he gave me a hug.

“i know.
i could say the same to you too.”

his back muscles>>>>
ever since i found out he…

…has a boyfriend,
i took a couple feet back.
after the “ww saga”,
i didn’t want to involve myself in another “out of reach” wolf.
my emotions couldn’t take it a second time.
this one was sexier than ww and was also confirmed.
he looked even better than the last time i saw him.

his skin was tanned
he got even more muscular

he was wearing:

a loose tank top
basketball shorts
fresh kicks

his pecs and arms>>>>
he also had tats.
i felt myself getting delirious.
even thinking about him now makes me horny.
i felt my “werewolf” side coming to the surface.
so it decided to be bold.
i wanted to get to know him better since we both had a lot of time to talk.
i asked him how long he and his partner have been together.

“it’ll be a year this month.”

i told him how impressed i was.
i began to tell him how hard it is to find love in this life.
he agreed.
he told me how he didn’t find his on a chat site.
they both just happened to be in the right place at the right time.
i praised him for it,
which i could sense he was getting comfortable.
he would look at me deep in my eyes and lean over my desk.
his pecs spilling completely out his tank top.
i tried to keep eye contact,
but you know how hard it was!!!

tumblr_ndi9wd0x2h1s2wio8o2_500i could sense he was attracted to me,
but he knew he couldn’t cross the line.
so he did it subtly with looks and smiles.

“you gonna find someone.
you are a real attractive dude.”

…and then it happened.

“well i gotta tell you,
when you first walked in here,
i thought you were really sexy.
you also have the bawdy i love.”

“why thank you.”

“when i found out you had a boyfriend,
it gave me hope that i could meet someone like you in this life.”

he flashed that killer watt smile at me and i almost died.
somewhere within the convo,
i mentioned that i was a fox.

“yeah its hard to be a fox.
everyone is now on this hybrid life…”

“what are you,
if you don’t mind me asking?”

“i’m a wolf.”

tumblr_m0ljh8qvzw1qhfc59o1_500i have never been so hard than i was talking to him.
was God trying to depress me even further?
it was like,
a fantasy come to life.
the bawdy of an ig attentionisto and a wolf too????

a full fledged wolf.
i thought those kinds were extinct.”

“not at all.
they out there.
i like being a wolf.
i get real aggressive in the bed and like to throw you around…”

God was obviously trying to punish me or foreshadow.
it was getting late so i told him i needed to go and buy a shirt.

“i’m headed to the gym,
but i’ll walk with you…”

…and he walked with me.
you know he was fione when everyone was looking at him.
he talked to me about being open about finding love.
the advice he gave me was really good.
he told me to stop looking,
do me,
it will happen.
he went all the way to the store that was way past where he was going.
i thanked him,
he hugged me again,
i ran my hands down his back…

tumblr_nqpbdfmpks1s2wio8o1_r1_500…and we both went our separate ways.
that wolf is a good one.
i’m honestly happy for his boyfriend who gets to experience that.
it can happen for me.
it will.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “the fox who cried to the fione taken wolf”

  1. “Ms. Ciely…you has my sympathies, and RESPECT.” You didn’t play yourself, and you got a good shot of eye candy, LOLOL….whew! Take support and encouragement where you can find it. Push on, do you.

  2. Hell J, I needed this post! Everybody I know is playing the field far and wide but I’ve been searching for something real for a while. Reading this legit just gave me a lil’ hope when I was becoming doubtful …

    (Sidenote: every gif took me all the way out)

    1. ^as much as they tell us what we want doesn’t exist,
      he is out there z.
      i will continue to do me and not chase.
      maybe that’s the secret.
      he told me he never had a problem meeting males,
      but i think since he doesn’t have to look and chase that it comes naturally for him.

    2. ^i noticed when i ask a question about something/someone,
      and i got about life without the “wanting” of it,
      i get a response rather quickly.
      that seems to be a recurring sign as of late in my life.

  3. I learn something everyday by coming to this site.I never knew guys would just mention that they are a top or bottom to a guy who they are NOT “talking to” or dating.I know this guy isn’t a stranger but he isn’t really a friend either.So I am fascinated that you are comfortable enough to just mention that and bold enough to ask him what he is.Have you always been that comfortable asking that question or is this a new Jamari? BTW I think it’s great 😀

    I am always hearing that there are more foxes than wolves,I wonder why? Which is puzzling because I hear the negative things said about foxes.People using been a bottom as an insult.I just saw a meme recently of a text message that said something like my son is gay, light skinned and cute but I won’t let him get a weave because I am not going to raise a bottom.😦

    1. ^it’s the old and new me.
      i always asked questions,
      but i use to be really shy about certain questions.
      i’m starting to feel more comfortable in my fur so i gave it a shot.
      trust me,
      i was nervous talking to him because he is my type,
      but i’m learning now to just go with the moment.
      i wasn’t nasty or rude.
      i simply asked:

      “what are you?
      if you don’t mind me asking.”

      or i think i asked his “role”.
      something along those lines.
      the convo was about wolves,
      and hybrids and how hard it is to find a wolf.
      i mentioned i was a fox and felt it was the right time to ask lol

    2. It’s funny Y Colette , I think the bottom backlash comes from the mindset that a man being penetrated makes him weak or less than. ( which in my opinion is nonsense since I think it takes a real man to take a pounding, plus all the prep that goes behind it lol but I digress)

      That all the pedestals we tend to put tops on.

      1. I have always thought bottoms should be looked up to, it ain’t easy taking a dick.It takes a strong person, man or woman,to be penetrated, especially by a large dick.Bottoming is not for “punks.I’ve seen videos of tops crying like a baby when they bottom.😂

    3. Tbh Y Colette it depends on the guy. Some gays are bold as hell & have the nerve to ask people who they aren’t dating/screwing about their sexual role. I for one don’t think it’s anyone’s business to know another person’s role unless they are getting in bed together. But some people like to disclose their sexual role to anyone and that is their right.

      The bottom shaming is ridiculous & it stems from misogyny. Making a man feel “less than” for being penetrated just like women are penetrated. I don’t this much misandry in lesbian relationships when one woman claims she’s the “man” of the relationship.

      The funny thing is that most guys who bottom-shame it also bottom from time to time (or all full fledged closet bottoms) so I don’t get it. Hell, somebody’s got to give. There won’t be any tops if bottoms didn’t exist. I’ve noticed a lot of bottom shaming from some commenters on this site too but I’m just going to keep it cute.

  4. Cute convo it’s always the fine taken ones that are saying ” Don’t give up” and “Love is out there for you” lol

    I got turned on when he started talking about how aggressive he likes to get in bed, whew 😤😤😤

  5. Lol Jamari, we wolves are still being bred out here bruh…perhaps think outside the box and fuck dating apps/clubs/bars/etc – avenues I know u eschew anyways…u have any interests in sports, even the non-traditional ones, like martial arts or tennis classes. ..or maybe some music group or some social crowd u’d fancy. ..I’m sure ure familiar with too…idk, but I feel your frustrations, going through the same thing here, but I keep thinking that first I gotta get my whole situation in a betta place before I can offer anything to anyone else. …jus wish it could all speed the fuck up though

  6. “Fione” people have fione friends..maybe if you stay in touch you will be the better looking version of him…..double date could even come..who knows. .a foursone could be in your future. Stay in know for “business” reasons

  7. Speaking of Work Wolf… damn man, i must admit, reading you stories about him i was like “why jamari is so naive? Why can he just forget all about this guy? Move the fuck on”… Then it happened to me. During 8 months i had my own work wolf. Same, first my friends, then we plan to try to be friends with benefits although i knew he had multiple vixen in his life, i was like “no feelings involve”.

    But every time we were ready to do the thing he changed plans or had an excuse. I invested so much time in this relation that i ended up fall for him. He hurt me so many times but i was like “it’s ok i know you’re sorry, i forgive you”. Because he always knew how to talk to me “Louis you’re my only true friend, our relation is so special to me. i know i haven’t been the best but i promise i’ll do better. I care about so much” bla bla bla. And every time i believed him. Until coudln’t anymore. Long story short, i quitted my job because he was my supervisor and i couldn’t stand to see him all day every single day.

    Now i won’t lie he has been a good friend so i told him i needed time and space to move on an then we could be friend again, but just friend this time. I feel so stupid cause i thought that kind of thing could never happen to me, i had everything under control. But i think quitting was the best decision for me. So i read your entries about WW and they gave me strenght and Hope.

    i just wanted to thank you and apologize. It’s so easy to judge when you’re not in those shoes.

  8. Finally JF We Love!!! …Horniness Makes a Man Aggressive… Cheers to Hoping This is a Sign of You Dating in the Near Future

  9. So proud of you for reaching out and being open. I’m glad he encouraged you — you need some cheer. And Jamari you need to befriend this couple. Because I’m sure they got friends and…

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