Sometimes A New Fione Wolf Is All It Takes

tumblr_myjrx069jH1qb30dwo1_500work has been crazy busy.
business at my job has been booming.
the vps have been having meetings like every hour,
so many clients have been coming in,
and my projects has been over flowing.
i have been exhausted,
but i been getting through it as i go.
i guess the universe decided to reward me with some digits.
ones from a fione ass wolf

so i had to wake up extremely early today.

moody.giflike an hour earlier.
i had to complete some “end of year” review mumbo jumbo.
my whole department did.
needless to say i was wearing “full attitude” with my outfit.
it looked like everyone else also decided to wear the same thing.

i decided to take a break and go over to thing 2.
we had to catch up on whats been going on within the company.
when i got over there,
…wolf was talking to her.
when he saw me,
he instantly stopped talking to her to look at me.
i instantly stopped to download what i was seeing.

over 6’0
handsome face
caramel complexion
big arms in his leather jacket
unbuttoned buttons showing nice chest
looks like he goes to the gym heavy
did i mention “fione”?

tumblr_mlycfbBHQe1qcqqpjo3_250i walked over and thing 2 introduced me.
he works in a extended division of the company.
he also worked in an entirely different building.


i shook his hand and he looked at me dead in my eyes.
he was kinda obvious.
i knew that “look” anywhere.
the look of someone who was open to fuckin’ you.
i know that look.
you know that look as well.
i had to wonder if thing 2 picked up on it?

he was definitely down as well.
you could tell.
i smiled and waited to find a spot to jump into the convo.
they were talking about the company so i added my two cents.
he was open to me joining.
i could not stop looking at his chest and arms.
tumblr_ny57gmFbup1si245xo4_250so before he left,
he mentioned something about his department giving away free clothes.
they had some left over men’s stuff from some project.

“i’d love to come over and see what you have.
when do you work?”

he said some days and times,
that i can’t remember,
but all i heard was:

“just come over and ask for me.
i’ll take care of you.”

so it was my cue to ask:

“do you have a number?
i’ll text you when i want to come.”

…said exactly it like ^that.

FinishedWellwornHagfishhe told me texting is better than calling.
i texted him my number right after,
but he hasn’t responded.
that was at like 2-ish.





















…at least i tried?

giphyi’m more proud of how bold i was tho.
i’ve definitely grown into my fur.

low-key: ya’ll he was so fine.
he was also so fashion forward.

i hope he texts me back.
i also hope i didn’t take down his number wrong.
i really would like to see how far he can go.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “Sometimes A New Fione Wolf Is All It Takes”

  1. Wow Jamari! Love it. I hope he text you back too. I love how bold you were. Lol @ “I’ll text you when I’m ready to come.” Did that have a double meaning? LOL. So I’m officially inspired to be a little more bold in my dating life now.

  2. And he finds another one….lol

    I need to visit your job, sounds like a lot of eye candy is there.

  3. The whole thing sounds like it’s straight outta black rom-com.

    “i’d love to come over and see what you have.
    when do you work?”

    I said as I looked deep into his eyes while batting my long eye lashes…

    “just come over and ask for me.
    i’ll take care of you.”

    He said as he licked his lips and flexed his muscular arms…

    “do you have a number?
    i’ll text you when i want to cum.”


  4. Alrite, baby. I like that, but I will pray that he’ll text you back soon cause this is just too juicy and sexy. Hopefully when he does text you back don’t forget to spray your booty, neck and wrist with vanilla body spray o vanilla extract because vanilla is an aphrodisiac, the scent of vanilla can cause arousal and stimulation in men. So now you got his attention, it time to lure him with some seduction.

      1. Get to know him J. Dont make too drastic of a move yet. I know that look too. Its like they want to devour you. Ive had a few man do it but theyll see my face and get intimidated or they are so on the dl the word out would make them run. This one may be down but take things slow let him move first. If he texts you, reply and go over there and see him for the clothes. Dont let him play you J. He probably already can tell you like him so he may be looking for an easy shot. Be careful J.

        1. ^im not thirst at all.

          ill text next week to ask when he is there to go see the clothes.
          other than that,
          he won’t get a text from me until then.

    1. I dip a q-tip in vanilla extract and rub it in the top crevice of my cakes right after I get out the tub or shower. Dinner is served. Bae eats these yams like its the last meal. I be so ripe and wet by the time he slides in that lube is not needed. Ever!!!

  5. I don’t want to over hype this but :GO AHEAD BOY 😎😎😎😎😎

    Nothing like a new fine wolf to boost the confidence.

    P.S. I have a feeling a slew of fine wolves are coming fm your way.

      1. can’t wait to see how work wolf will react when i ll find out about this new fionne wolf .congrats J i loved he fact you’ve been bold with this guy.

  6. Jamari,you two timing slut ,cheating on Work Wolf.You should be ashamed of yourself.LMAO 😃

  7. You ain’t waste no time lol ! . I suck at telling when a person likes me, I read some where that if a persons pupils dilate they really like you so thats what I look at now lol.

    1. I heard about that pupil dilation thing too.. But I suck at keeping eye contact for a certain period of time where I would notice it so yeah :/

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