Where is God Right Now?

CVRCFgaUwAEk03lwell this cover is sorta disrespectful.
broke the news on my phone today at work…

it left me numb.
the victims of the san bernadino shootings woke up like any other day.
they go to this place and…
thats it.
they left their homes expecting to come back.
they said goodbye to people not realizing it was the last time.
they celebrated thanksgiving and had plans for christmas.
they don’t exist anymore.
the world is becoming such a scary place now.
it’s like you don’t want to think negatively,
but you have to keep “what if” in the back of your mind.
i’m at the point now where i keep an active escape plan.
my eyes stay open for hiding places and trap doors.
i even try and figure out how ima get out the train in case of.
its that real out here.
foxhole please stay prayed up.
you are always in my prayers.
i might not know you personally,
but we have all developed a bond over the years.
may everyone continue to be safe out there.

lowkey: i want everyone to know your phones can help you.
its not just for tweeting,
and jack’n.
(see what did there?)

learn the power of your cell phone.
fuck if its an iphone or an android.
it can save your ass.

14 thoughts on “Where is God Right Now?

  1. The point of the cover “God Isn’t Fixing This” is that the killings need actions on the part of human being to solve the problems. Mere prayers without works are useless.

    This is particularly pertinent for blacks/African Americans who often sit on their thumbs and wait for “manna from God” to solve their problems. Such waiting/praying is stupid and produces no solutions.

  2. I sent my prayers to everyone cause now we live in a world where anything can pop off over the simplest shit. Like a guy falling out of love with his gf and breaks up with her as a gentleman and that bitch takes a knife out and kill the dude for it.

  3. Thanks for this post, Jamari. I am a social worker for DCFS (child protective services) and I am very familiar with the Inland Regional Center(s). I have referred child clients, conducted and attended meetings at this facility as well as others across the county. My heart has been heavy all day long to the point of getting physically sick. As I watched the employees file out of the buildings during the news coverage I noticed some familiar faces. I remembered the various children and young adults that were once on my case load and how easily I, or any of us could have been caught up in the madness. I am the type of man that regularly keeps try to keep my awareness up in this line of work. This has served as a reminder to not take life for granted and sometimes we need to just thank God for G.P. (general principles). It is very disheartening, frustrating and oh so sad what the world has come to. My prayers are with the victims and families and maybe somehow, someway hope will break through and prevail.

  4. Please. Some people are so gullible and falling prey to pushing the President agenda. Our world has become more safer. With the development of advanced technology these stories are being reported more and faster. Imagine all of the people in the past whos deaths were not heard from genocide, slaughter from racism, etc. Our country murder rate is at a historic low. I feel for these people and others that are dying. Jamari, I am going to hold my tongue because you are selective about certain murders or issues that you post. SMH…

  5. I’m a political junkie so I don’t think the cover was a jab at Christianity per se, but a jab at Republicans who refuse to do anything about gun control despite the excessive amount of mass shootings in America. But I totally agree with you, I went to the movies for the first time in months because I’ve honestly been afraid to go due to theater shootings. Even then, I went in the daytime and sat toward the front. People are losing their minds. All we can do is pray.

      1. And they will NEVER do anything about it because those gun holders are their bread and butter!

    1. I saw it as a jab to those politicians also. They just used an eye-catching title to draw readers in. They were suggesting that those very politicians that are “praying” for them are sitting at home benefiting off of other’s despair while they “pray” if you actually believe they pray or are religious in any way, shape or form. The mag was calling them out on their bullshit, or at least trying to. If they have the power to implement gun control, maybe that would be a better solution as opposed to obligatory prayers after people are dead. (Duh!)
      Another thing that as a Canadian, we look at Americans with the side-eye with. It’s so easy to get guns in America. Why? If guns are necessary then there’s something wrong. (Duh moment #2)

    2. Here’s my thing on gun control.

      I do think guns are TOO easy to get in this country, but I don’t think they should outlaw guns to everyone except the police. Criminals are going to have guns regardless as to if it’s legal for them to have or not. (Just ask TI, Chief Keef, or any rapper on probation.)

      What we need are stricter gun controls. Not every nutcase should be able to buy a gun, or people that have children who may not be right in the head. I don’t think your average suburban dad needs an AK47, but who am I?

  6. I’m that same way Jamari…especially on the train. My earplugs are in my ears, but the volume stay on low. It gives the look of I’m listening to my jams, that’s y I’m ignoring your requests. I’m scanning left to right every ten seconds. Haven’t been to a movie theater inna minute. Shiiiiit, Between the shootings & bedbugs, thank goodness for torrents. I stay looking for exit doors while indoors. #ijs

    1. Having served in the military, we were always taught to be aware of your surroundings. Like you Del, I may have my headphones on while riding the train/bus…but I am constantly scanning my surroundings and taking note of people that are around me. When the people that have visible mental issues get on…I just move away. You’re not going psycho next to me. Had that happen once, and I had to hit the dude with my backpack to get him to let go of my arm.
      If I go to the movies, I got to a matinee on my day off. Sadly, I don’t go on the weekends any longer, but it’s OK. It’s better to have no one talking behind you or next to you, or them texting with their bright ass phone shining in your face. I don’t miss that at all.

  7. I love your blog, Jamari, but God is is a subject where you and I part ways. I co-sign with the Daily News wholeheartedly on that cover and glad to see a mainstream rag man up and show some real balls for once. I have no use for Republican phoniness in waiving the “Sky Cake” flag when we need real action on these issues not empty rhetoric or even emptier prayers. I also have no patience with black folk, especially black gay men and women, that pray to Sky Cake either. Is it not madness to give your being to an ideology that negates your very existence as a gay man? If Jesus, Allah, Vishnu and Buddha exist, they ain’t done shit for the poor and oppressed for 400 years of lychongs, mass shootings, slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and the Holocaust, so screw all that religion and praying. Where was Jesus when black folk were drowning in Hurricane Katrina or stuck in the Astrodome? Maybe Kanye was wrong, it was God not Bush, that hates black people? As my hero James Baldwin said, “If the concept of God has any validity or any use, it can only be to make us larger, freer, and more loving. If God cannot do this, then it is time we got rid of Him. ” God? I ditched that bitch a long time ago….

  8. This cover is a disgrace. 👺

    I hope and PRAY everyone in the foxhole is safe and will keep the victim’s families in my prayers.

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