So I Watched The Empire Mid Season Finale and Well…

tumblr_nsvi5lDDoX1t7f0qno1_1280even tho this second season is all over the place,
i gave the empire mid season finale a chance and…

…i’m upset the last 10 minutes made up for the whole season.
like they just waited to bring that out?

– i guess jamal has some good pipe.
he got skye got a little caught up.
you saw her hatin’ when she saw him on that black wolf?
stopped her performance and everything.
its okay skye!
we all been there.
he still gay tho.

lucious gon’ say:

“she fixed you”

tumblr_nilormBGQS1u80fa2o1_250…i couldn’t even deal.

did they really perform in a prison?
with cubs in the audience?

da brat looks great.
somehow cookie will get her out of prison doing life.
i’m sure she will become fantasia loaf’s older girlfriend.

– that “powerful” song grew on me.
so did that song with hakeem and j. lo jr.

hakeem must have some great pipe too.
i wouldn’t even want a sample.
fuck around and buy him a damn car with that kind of dick.

– i’m glad camilla came back with the scandal…
but did it seriously have to take the mid season finale for it to happen?

– he really eatin that big snow bunny box in the elevator.
and she still curved him.

– i guess karma came back for rhonda and andre.
did coo coo krazy push rhonda?
the special effects when rhonda was falling down tho.

– i guess since they ruined coo coo krazy,
then let her go out with a bang.

get-1443041377– i loved that last scene with luscious when he lost his throne.
great acting.

andre gonna be “bi-polaring” his fat ass off next year.
i’ll allow that emmy nod.

returning march 2016 tho?

tumblr_nhwm9n1qOv1u7mwo1o3_400i guess next season is when the story line officially starts.
thank god.

17 thoughts on “So I Watched The Empire Mid Season Finale and Well…

  1. This episode made up for a messy, sloppy first half of the season. They better have it together by the second half of the season.

  2. This episode did make up for the lack-luster start of season 2. Only two things…

    1. Still upset over how they ruined Boo-boo kitty, but I feel like she isn’t too far gone. Some creating writing could fix that. Or just another unfinished story line.

    2. If Rhona is dead, I’m going to be pissed af.

  3. This what they been moving towards..if people trusts the show and calm down we can enjoy it..Empire is a soap ,it’s not a regular drama

  4. I’ve been critical of this used to be must-see show the entire 2nd season, but this episode had me highly entertained. Actually, now I can hardly wait for the return in the March. My only question is, Why the hell Cookie didn’t leave the prison to participate in a vote can have both familial and life changing consequences, instead choosing to stay and chat with DaBrat. Come on now, just come back to see your ex girlfriend at another time. She ain’t going nowhere. Overall a good episode, so I will allow it.

  5. Every duet sounds like “Conqueror” to me… not feeling Season 2 Soundtrack. Poor Gabby dressed like a oversize Pepto. Why Lee? Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry now have another thing in common. The in your face dramatic- over the top cliffhanger. Not really anxious for March

  6. Listen, that first episode had me like “Bye Bye”…Do you watch “If Loving You Is Wrong?” That spanish crazy dude is the love of my life.

      1. I keep hearing If Loving You Is Wrong is really good, also.

        Empire was pretty good tonight. Why is it going off the air until March?

        The story lines have so many loose ends that are never resolved. Hakeem is annoying as hell. Lucious saying “She fixed you” was funny as hell.

    1. I love that show. I like the Have & Have Nots way more but ILYIW comes close to second. And are you referring to Esperanza’s drug dealer boyfriend? Btw that last episode where Alex brought her biracial newborn home only to find her racist father sitting on the couch had me ITCHING for the next episode! Why does something tell me that this is the end of the season :/
      Tyler and those damn cliffhangers lol

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