I’m Done (Stick A Fork In Me)

largei have reached my breaking point.
i’m done.
maybe this is exactly what i needed…

so i was sitting at work today,
watching all this work being piled onto my desk,
and it hit me?

“where is my life going?”

i am becoming a slave to this job.
everyone else is feeling the same.
all this work daily.
it made me feel physically sick.
even though i do a good job,
and have been complimented like crazy,
i see that these people only use me.
they know i’m “the dependable one”,
so they send pretty much everyone’s work my way.
do i have a say?


i either gotta do it,
or risk being fired for trying to go against the grain.
maybe if i started off as a slacker it would have been easier?
0fa1e58c69db180466c259b4870abd65so i’m taking the first step.
in a perfect world,
i would love to jump head first into my career.
no more working for “the man”.

this ain’t a perfect world.
so i’m going to take the first step.

i gotta go.

its time to look for something better.
my resume about to be updated and i’m going to look to the sky.
god is now my guide.

i can’t do any of “this” anymore.

lowkey: i can admit i got comfortable tho.

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “I’m Done (Stick A Fork In Me)”

      1. It ain’t even that:
        – I’m in the graveyard department. I am less likely to move around the company or get promoted and other employees get dumped in my department when they are not really useful elsewhere.
        -As a male, I don’t get delegated to any special tasked. Males are just the hard labor that’s not even in the job description.
        -It takes at least five years to get benefits, but most people get them between 10-20 years in my department. But it’s easy to get a lot of vacation because there is a ceiling for how much on is paid and we work a lot during the busy periods.
        – I don’t want to get into how much of a joke the hiring process is.

    1. excuse my ignorance…what you said sounds good…but can you beak it down for me… (class is in session). Thanks in advance


      1. Ziah…in essence he’s saying don’t allow your work to take over your life. You have to learn to balance the two.

  1. Preach, J, preach. You are speaking about my life right now but with school. These damn teachers are giving me so much work. I’m literally teaching myself but the last time I checked I’m the one who paying their asses, plus books that I hardly ever use, plus tuition fees, and chile I am so scare of the student loan bills in my mailbox

  2. On the hunt again I prey you find something better and that has better use of your skills.

    P.S. Can’t blame you for getting comfortable, everyone does at times when they have bills and money to make.

  3. Congratulations on your willingness to make a change. Life is about choices and you deciding to work towards a different job is a good thing. A couple of points, are you doing work that supervisors or managers are requesting? If so, I would follow up directly with them if possible and ask if everything is done in a satisfactory manner. Just getting higher level people to notice you and your work can be important. I got a job/promotion once because I worked on a project for a manager and after that I would smile and speak daily. She remembered me and out of the blue one day told me that a job was opening up on her team and that I should submit a resume. Second point ties into the first. Start networking…it is a fact that lots of jobs are given out to people based on references or connections. I had to break out of my comfort zone and start meeting with others, but it worked when it came to finding work. Good Luck!

  4. Shit I was so miserable at work the other day, I started body rolling at my desk like “I think I might be able to make a living as a stripper!” Lol

    It’s so easy to fall into a dead end job. Look up and you’re middle aged and changing fields becomes too risky

  5. Yea, I know you are over the job. I did hope it was getting better because you have not talked about it as of late. Update that resume and get back to the drawing board.

  6. This post hits me right in the heart! I just quit my job that I had for nine years! I couldn’t do it any more. I wasn’t happy for a long time and one really bad day told me it’s time to go!! The day will come where you have to take care of your mental health and have peace of mind, but prepare your finances to be able to have that freedom.

  7. J, it’s okay to point out that work is being loaded on your desk. If you don’t point it out, they will continue to do so. I had a similar situation on my job where my coworkers kept saying that they heard I had taken on new responsibilities. I said that’s news to me. Then I started getting paperwork and email requests etc.
    I politely responded back that I had no clue what the requests were about, I had no idea how to handle the requests, and to forward their request to the appropriate person. I received a call later that afternoon from the AVP of the department. He had received an email saying that I refused a request to help. I said excuse me one moment, went to my desk and printed out the email and gave it to him.

    I said to him that they are asking me for something that I have no clue about, yet somehow they’ve been told that I am the one that will help them. Interestingly enough, not one person has come to me to tell me that I have new job responsibilities. Even my supervisor was clueless about this. Sadly, there seems to be a lack of communication that’s getting progressively worse. He looked at me with a funny look when I said that, but I didn’t care. He said he’d look into it. Still haven’t heard anything about it yet.

    See, like you I have no problem helping out. Over time, people have a tendency to see that as your weakness and their way out of doing the work themselves. I have no problem saying no when it gets out of hand, or when my work takes priority. And I definitely don’t let someone take the credit for work that I’ve done. I had one coworker try that, and had to burst her bubble. LOL

    1. ^im going take your suggestion c.

      they just introduced these new procedures that is about to make this job one long tedious process.
      like i see why work wolf is trying to go.
      they also talking about a pay cut.
      im like real frustrated today.

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