i was taught to fear many things.
i grew up in a strict christian household and everything was the enemy.
if you asked anyone in my family when i was a kid,
i was rebellious and a bit of a wild card.
as the years went on,
and i got broken down piece by piece,
i started to get consumed by all kinds of fears.

I’ve always been in fear of God.

i didn’t want to appear disobedient in fear of going to hell or karma.
this last year has literally been from the pits of hell.
every time i think i take 2 steps forward,
i’m pushed down the stairs back into the basement.
i’ve been trying not to question God but it has been hard.
when i woke up this morning,
the other window in my living room fell out.
needless to say,
i blacked the entire fuck out at 6 am and screamed on God

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Justin Bieber is Now Overitandyou.me

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.31.12 PMyour mental health comes first before anything else.
i’m learning that and it seems justin bieber is as well.
as of late,
he seems completely over it and everyone in it.
fans and stans included?
he posted ^that picture with the following caption
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I’m Done (Stick A Fork In Me)

largei have reached my breaking point.
i’m done.
maybe this is exactly what i needed…
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Jamari Fox Has Gone Missing

6e106583f14f76e4e6efbe906cbc5130sometimes its best to just go missing...
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I’m Over Reality

i didn’t watch lhhatl tonight.
i’m think i’m over it completely.
i know.
i already checked to see if i was feverish.
naw seriously i’m coming to a conclusion about these ratchet reality shows…
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It Smells Like “Eau de Toilette: Le Side Hoe” In Here


i had a feeling it was too good to be true.
thank god i been there before.
was way too sexual,
said all the right sexual things,
only wanted to meet to try something sexual.
whatchu think?

i didn’t come this far to be “the dumb bitch” now right?…

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