Justin Bieber is Now Overitandyou.me

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.31.12 PMyour mental health comes first before anything else.
i’m learning that and it seems justin bieber is as well.
as of late,
he seems completely over it and everyone in it.
fans and stans included?
he posted ^that picture with the following caption
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It Smells Like “Eau de Toilette: Le Side Hoe” In Here


i had a feeling it was too good to be true.
thank god i been there before.
was way too sexual,
said all the right sexual things,
only wanted to meet to try something sexual.
whatchu think?

i didn’t come this far to be “the dumb bitch” now right?…

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Is That The Lonely Talking Again…?

as i sit here in the dark,
candles lit,
nice r&b playing,
there is a nice chill,
…and i am somewhere alone.
i have sailed away to a place of pure solitude.
but, the silence is so loud that i need air plugs.
i look around at this bright canvas in front of me and I contemplate to write something.
my mind is all over the place.
i think of one sentence and it forms 17 others.
i need to let some feelings out though.
wait, what are you doing up, anyway?

well here goes…

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