Jamari Fox Has Gone Missing

6e106583f14f76e4e6efbe906cbc5130sometimes its best to just go missing...

when i’m in a valley,
i’ll put my phone on “do not disturb” and put it in my laundry basket.
i am good for this.
people hate when i do it,
but when i’m over life,
i don’t want to converse with anyone.
i just want to be alone to work shit out.
if i had money like that…

1OKvl6Zi would head to the airport,
go to some other state,
get a room,
and do me for the entire weekend.
i might tell one of my “out of forest” wolves to meet up with me.

well i decided to pull my phone out the laundry basket.
blown up with texts and voice mails.
everyone is wondering where i am.
why i’m not answering.
most are mad.
i’m still not answering.
like shit…

Is it wrong to just want to be alone?

you would think i slapped people mama’s in the face.
i understand people care about me.
i do.
┬áif i’m not answering the first 5 texts/calls tho,
wouldn’t that tell you that i want to be alone?
fuck around with me,
i won’t answer any texts/calls for the rest of the month.
maybe it will help me focus on myself for once.

lowkey: its funny when you need someone,
no one is to be found.
as soon as you say fuck it and go missing,
everyone is blowing you up and wants to talk.

giphy too bad i’m fresh out of fucks.

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17 thoughts on “Jamari Fox Has Gone Missing”

  1. I definitely understand! I wish I had the money to disappear for a couple of weeks (maybe months) and go somewhere tropical with lots of eye candy. One day. Lol.

  2. Nope, it’s not wrong to want to be alone. I prefer to be alone. They give no fucks when you need them so why should you be at their every beck and call. That’s what I mean. Why do we have to always be the ones worrying about others feelings but don’t get the same in return. When they’re not answering your call and texts, do you think it crosses their mind “I’m not picking up or answering his texts, I hope Jamari doesn’t get mad.” No. They’re just doing them, others be damned. I have a cousin who acts like that. He’s never been a deep thinker unless he’s smoking weed or trying to get facebook likes. If I treated him the same way he treats me, I bet he’d be talking so much subliminal shit. Everybody lives their life, on their own time, the way they want to. As soon as I do the same, I’m an asshole according to them. I wish I had never allowed them to get used to my kindness because now they expect it.

    1. ^And when it’s gone they will regret it! Trust me, I had to kick many to the curb and re-prioritize my life and my needs. They said I changed and was acting funny…I said nah, I just woke up. Sometimes you have to be blunt to get the point across….feelings be damned! LOL

      But I prefer to be alone as well. More so now than when I was younger.

      1. Feelings be damned is right! LOL I just can’t be bothered to handle people with kid gloves, If they’re stupid and a waste of time, they will be treated as such; a waste.

        I’ll be damned if someone tries to tell me I changed LOL! They will be immediately blacklisted. I’m not playing games with people.

        Kick those people to the curb, you will feel better, believe me. Its just not worth the stress.

  3. I sometimes text my close friends and family when I’m about to start an important venture or when I simply need down time that I’m going to be away for a while and that I’m okay I just need my silence and time to regroup. Folks get mad but they have to respect that. I swear I’m like the iyanla vanzant of my friends and that can be tiresome

  4. Nothing wrong with wanting alone time, Next time I say take yourself out the entire weekend treating yourself and put that iPhone in do not disturb.

  5. I totally understand this. I’m notorious for not answering my phone for texts and stuff. I know its selfish but I dont care. I’ll talk to you when I damn well please, Im not at anyone’s beck and call. LOL!

    My friends know me enough not to blow my phone up, ever. I’m just not that person who wants to talk all the time. I’m a loner, and I prefer it that way, and every once in a while I will check in on my friends. Luckily, they’re habits are similar to mine so they understand.

    I say that all to say, take the time out for yourself and enjoy it man, life is too short, if you want to be alone, do it, maybe send a mass text when you know you need the time for yourself so they know you’re okay and just need your “you time”.

    I can never have a friend that gets mad if I don’t text them, I just don’t have time for that childishness, we would just not work LMAO!

  6. You’re ALLOWED and it’s good for the soul man. Mondays are reserved as my ME day and EVERYONE in my circle knows and respects it. I meditate or commune with nature; just DO ME for the day; the other 6 days I’m Mr. Altruistic! ;–)

  7. I take one day out of the week to recharge my batteries and to renew my spirit. I don’t answer my phone, my door or even get on the computer. You encounter allot of negative crap during the week. You need that one day to regroup and cleans yourself and your spirit .

  8. Hey Jamari, I feel there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have some “me time”. Im order to maintain your sanity, we have to do so. I’m in a situation now where I’m mentally and emotionally drained. I took a vacation in April to regroup, came back, and I’ll be damned, I feel worse because the situation isnt getting better. I’ve been withdrawn for the last few week, but I snap out of it and it starts back. But Ive been listening to music, praying and meditating and so far Ive been feeling somewhat better. But, like I said before, I see nothing wrong with being along and/or taking a getaway.
    To everyone, I say be encouraged.

  9. I am certainly one who enjoys solitude; however, there is something we might consider when one lives alone. One could be sick or injured. Maybe, nobody on here does it, but there was a time when gay guys used to meet people and invite them to their homes. From time to time, some would be found murdered. The bodies would be found in their homes with no signs of forcible entry.

    This is the way it would be reported on the television news or in the mainstream newspapers. When the weekly gay newspaper would come out, we learned the details. The reporters had used their contacts in the community and had done investigative reporting and had uncovered that the person had met someone at a club or cruising area and invited the individual home.

    Sometimes, it’s just a matter of people caring about a loved one they know lives alone. I got a voicemail a few weeks ago from my best friend letting me know that he would be visiting Cuba for a couple of weeks. That was letting me know he would be incommunicado for a bit. My closest friend and I, when we were younger and went out cruising, would let each other know to check in, if we did not touch base with the other in a certain amount of time. A sister once got very upset when unable to reach me. She had left a voicemail on the cell as well as the home phone and had not heard back from me. I had not been ignoring her but had simply missed both calls and had not yet checked the voicemails. She claimed she and my brother-in-law were about to come check on me. I reminded her that she is notorious for not even thinking to check their voicemail, lol.

    Yes, downtime and solitude are awesome and essential for me, but is it too much to let loved ones and those who care know when where’re taking a time out? Just something to consider.

    1. ^morning oh.
      thank you for the comment.

      yesterday i sent everyone a message:

      “hey i’m okay. i just need some time.”

      and left it at that.
      even tho mi lives with me,
      there is no way for anyone to contact her.
      i’m going to send my people her email address today.

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