Depression Getting In the Way of My Video Games

12929008015_6c5055456e_bi know i’m goin’ through it if i don’t even want to play this...

so i picked up “batman: arkham knight” for ps4 saturday.
it started out real good,
and i was getting into it heavy,
until i had to drive this damn batmobile!!!!
there is a challenge where you have to destroy enemy tanks.
its after you put poison ivy in the trunk.
well you can’t go any further into the game until you do it.
you gotta build up a meter to destroy 4 tanks.
im stuck and damn near threw the controller.
Table-Flip-GIFi hope i can get out this valley soon so i can get back to it.

lowkey: i beat “last of us”.
thumbs up to that one.
seriously did not want that one to end.
i’m playing “left behind” with ellie.
shit is hard.

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8 thoughts on “Depression Getting In the Way of My Video Games”

  1. I did the same thing with Arkham City last year not realizing how close I was to the end. I got frustrated, stopped playing for like a month and a half then resumed. I haven’t gotten Arkham Knight yet but I plan on it. Trust I know your feelings all too well. I’ll be riding high on a “not giving a fuck” attitude then I’m back depressed ready for the rapture. Maybe you should try playing a fun care-free game if you have any. lol I thought I was the only that gets angry when playing video-games. I start fuming like a tea pot sometimes. Ol cheating ass games.

    1. ^WORD!

      i feel like you gotta press two thousand buttons to grapple on a building.
      its like i can’t concentrate on it.
      i’m trying to pay attention,
      but i have so much on my mind.
      i need to get the mental clutter out and then continue with it.

  2. I am watching the walkthrough of this game and to be honest coming to the near end it gets more sadder and you just know Batman is going to die.

  3. Yooooooo the fucking batmobile!!!!! As you play more you’re going to hate that shit… You’re forced to integrate it throughout the game to pass certain parts… Shit sucks

  4. Yo Jamari some guy did a review on the game and said the batmobile works easier if you remap the controls. You should look into that

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