f0xmail: Should I Smash All the Married/Taken Wolves At My Gym? Help!?


Jamari I totally understand that you are a busy dude and you might not be able to respond or post my fox mail. First, I want to say I think work wolf is bi, I think if you give him enough time he is going to blow your back out. I think you already know what your getting yourself into that is why you have so many emotions about him, and you can’t help your feelings. I’m with you on whatever decision you decide with him, but I say go for it with him just continue to go at his pace, and maybe you should pretend like their is a dude that’s trying to get at you and see his response. So, when I wrote you earlier this year on how to talk to a wolf in the gym, you gave me some really great advice. Well heres the thing there is so much eye candy in the gym I go too, but there is a couple dudes who I really want. So one dude that eye fucked me for nearly a year and a half started speaking to me 3 weeks ago. So last week we had a short conversation and then towards the middle of the convo he says my girl, I was pissed but played it cool. The reason I am writing you is because I like masculine men especially with muscles lol but one thing I am finding out is that the ones I have talked to in the gym are all married or have girlfriends. I am discrete myself so going to a gay club or getting on gay sites is not my thing, so the gym is the only place I can meet men. When these dudes say my wife or my girl it does something to me, because they eye fuck or flirt with me then mention their wife or girl. It sends me to an array of emotions, and I just put them in my acquaintance list, and the result is me being lonely and sexless. There is this other fine dude that is always staring at me but in my head I know he is probably married with kids. So do you think I should pursue these men even if their with somebody, because me having morals and a conscious is not getting me any sex or a warm body to lay next to?


i appreciate the advice on work wolf.
that is always a work in process,
but i will try to remain positive and go in whatever direction it goes.
now i want to show you something.
you can solve your own issue,
but with the advice you gave me.

so you feel the wolves at the gym are checking you out.
they just might.
they eye fuck you and the whole 9 yards.
you speak to them and they mention they have vixens of all types.
most dl wolves can still have pussy by the pound.
when you are entering the forbidden dl valleys,
you will see many vixens.
remember also that many of these wolves are bi.

now i don’t agree with knowingly messing with a wolf who has “someone”.
that is the fastest way to get yourself hurt.
its different if you met someone and they hid who they are with.
this is after you did careful f-bi sleuthing.
n you said this to me about work wolf:

just continue to go at his pace

…well i’m going to reiterate that to you.
you are doing the right thing sparking up convo with these wolves.
i say keep on going at YOUR pace and continue to open yourself up.
i don’t know how the gym works,
but one minute you could be talkin about squats,
and the next thing you’re sqauting over his pipe in the locker room:

tumblr_npnj5cO7421uxlydmo1_250 tumblr_npnj5cO7421uxlydmo2_250…or ya know,
talking about isis and shit in the locker room.
my perverted ass earlier.

i know you are lonely.
as a discreet fox myself,
you know i know.
let other people tell it,
you need to attend every sex party or host online app hook ups at your crib.
243g9vswhen you want something more,
it will be a pain in the ass to meet someone.
car pooling.
the cereal aisle.
its usually a big forest and a couple wolves in it.
i don’t know when its your turn.
hell i don’t know when its mine.
i just keep on learning myself and moving at my own pace.
so just keep on moving at your pace,
keep on opening up,
be respectful,
and hopefully someone who is interested will put his paws all over you.
tumblr_nq7a3rqnAE1t043b4o1_400 tumblr_nq7a3rqnAE1t043b4o2_400in the good way of course.
also try other places than the gym.
its a big forest out there.
make that gym body an advertisement.
i hope that helps.

jamari fox

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25 thoughts on “f0xmail: Should I Smash All the Married/Taken Wolves At My Gym? Help!?”

  1. Nah!! Leave those dudes alone, all of them. Those dudes are in relationships and there are off limits and getting involved with them may cause a mess when you begin looking for more, they are not going to be able to give it to you and use their relationship as a crutch. Plus, you don’t want to be passed around like a sweaty towel everybody messed over at that gym? Find you a single one.

    Are you sure the guys gay? Sometimes, you might get confused and they just may be wondering why you are looking at them, or you just might be plain wrong, it happens. For example, the past month I have been interning at the prison for school, just the other day I was talking to this thug inmate who was my exactly my age, we started talking about his situation and stuff, and I swore he was peeping me. Complimented my dress attire and stuff, but I couldn’t just say he got down based on that lol. No, I didn’t want him or anything, and I’m not allowed to do that of course. But anyway, you have to wait sometimes man, no matter what the situation is. You can never be too sure about these dudes and you cannot assume.

      1. It is fun and it has been good. I’m really comfortable around the inmates, my past associations with street people might have to do with that lol. I could see myself doing it. The pay will be really good if I work there, especially with a degree.

    1. ^Be careful around those convicts man. They have silver tongues and will say anything to get what they want/need. I remember going to visit my brother once, and there were some good looking dudes in that visiting room. While my brother and I were waiting for our brother to come down from his cell, these two dudes (one black/one latino) kept eyeing me hard. When I got up to go to the vending machine, the latino kat was licking his lips. I’ll be honest, that shit kinda scared me. As we were leaving the black dude was hugging his chick, and he winked at me.

      1. I work with that population to find them jobs when they’re released.

        Very manipulative and/or intimidating. You can’t even give them a centimeter or they will take a mile. Gotta show them who’s balls are bigger. Once they begin to call you “boss” you’ve won lol

  2. You are aware most guys will stare at you in the gym because they’re comparing your body to theirs and your workout if it’s a good one and they see it’s giving you progress.

    Then there are some men in the gym that literally like to watch and be watched ONLY! Meaning they like to see who seems to be attracted to them and tease them. You know the type that will be flexing in the mirror or walking around the locker room butt ass naked for too long or my favorite the one that will be naked putting lotion on with an erection smh. The most you may get is a peep show in the shower.

    Basically, you’re getting ahead of yourself. So many dudes come to the gym just to show off and be a tease lol

    I know personally all I do is just look if I see a nice ass on a guy or a girl. Random dudes will come up to me for a fist pound if they see me deadlifting or squatting heavy weight though.

      1. The bottoms seem more about that life but I’m assuming they’re gay. They’ll literally come to where you’re working out and turn around and pull their pants lower.

        Like most other guys I get off more on the attention they’re giving than anything else. Lol

    1. THIS!!! People stare at you in the gym for plenty of different reasons.
      As you said they good be comparing your body to theirs, they could be seeing how you exercise so they can learn from it, they could possibly be waiting to use the machine/equipment that you’re using etc.
      I go to the gym every week so I would know. Guys stare all the time it’s not a big deal. The guys that typically don’t stare are the ones who WANT to be stared at (i.e. the guys with big muscles). They walk around the gym in circles flexing so people can see them.

      Looking for sex in the gym is a big waste of time.You will be there for hours cruising, it’s pointless & thirsty might I add lol.

  3. Do these bi & curious dudes have damn secret society or some shit? Do they have classes on how to fuck a bitch proper so she won’t suspect; all while laying down strong pipe/booty to other discrete men? I swear no matter what state/city you live in, it’s pretty much the same. I love a masculine man (that’s all I’m attracted to) but even in the Gay-TL niggas be hiding like a mug. I think a lot of them are truly like wolves, seeking whom they may devour, so you have to really be careful. And PLEASE don’t ever come off too available, because that’s when they label you as easy kill. Ask the creator to send you what you NEED, be patient, and invest in lotion and porn. 😎

    1. bi/curious men fuck women the same way they fuck men which is why so many gays want them. As for the last part, I honestly think bi/curious dudes prefer the ones who come off too available because they’re easy to clock. That’s why fem gays get all the dick. DL/bi/curious dudes will see them on the street and know that if they want some easy no strings head or ass, all they have to is ask what time it is. I’ve read enough xtube descriptions to know that is how it goes down most of the time.

  4. As one of the foxhole resident gymaholics, I can tell you that if you just want a quickie with no attachments and realize that at most its a one or two times thing, then by all means go for what you know, but if you think these dudes are going to be serious and want something more than by all means run like hell. We have addressed this before in the archives, but I know it will take too long to find it LoL.

    I will tell you again, my own experiences with these gym dudes. Believe me, they can get you all hot and bothered because they are fine and masculine and just have this amazing energy. Several years ago, I got caught up with a married dude I met at the gym, and it was a disaster, I want go into details, as I have already made a detailed post about it in the archives, but this pineapple was a basket case. Met another dude last year who I sort of fell for only to be disappointed yet again by the games he played by lying about his girlfriend, but I was smart enough to to break ties this time once I figured him out.

    Just know that dudes who work out and invest in their bodies, love the attention they get. They stop worrying about whether it is from men after a while. I have seen the most hardcore gym dudes, you would never suspect of anything, drop towels, bend over and the list goes on to get my attention in the locker room or shower. Dudes who work out with their wives and girlfriends on the floor, but will be in the shower trying to skeet with you on the low. I think after a while of being around men all the time in the gym seeing nice bodies, even str8 dudes start to become attracted to other dudes, and they will probably never act on the attraction but you will sense it.

    Lastly, you have to be so careful looking at dudes in the gym versus everyday gay dudes you will meet at other places. I have been in the gym hard around str8 dudes for the last couple of years, that now when I go out to gay functions and see gay dudes, I am not attracted to them. I know its crazy but its my truth at the moment. You almost get a warped sense of attraction and it becomes hard to give regular dudes a chance. I was at a big gay party last weekend, very nice an chill, and this dude came up to me who I have seen on numerous occasions out, told me that he was attracted to me but he has been scared to say anything to me because I was big and looked like I was mean and might knock him out, I LOL when he told me this because I think I am the nicest person. Of course I didnt purse him because he was a little fem for my taste but I have to realize that how I carry myself will attract more fem guys and not other masculine dudes who I am attracted too.

    1. ^i wonder how many dl and discreet men have the same thought process?

      very good comment tajan.
      you had me reading that real slow.
      I needed that to sink in.

    2. Yes! That envy or admiration for another mans physique can turn into an attraction!

      Like I said though, a lot of them just like to tease. If you’re even mildly attractive you’re going to get stared at and your mean mug won’t work in the gym like it would in another social setting. No one looks friendly in the gym lol

  5. I’m the one who wrote the fox mail. Jamari I thank you for posting and I thank everybody else who left comments especially The Man and Jay you guys are too funny. The thing is I know for a fact that when these dudes stare at me I know I’m not just imagining things. I already blank out the attention seeking wolves cause I ran into a bunch of those. The wolves I’m talking about will actually stare at me constantly, make eye contact and follow me around. I know that me walking around with a serious face doesn’t make me approachable either. Like I see some these dudes with their wives or girlfriends but when my female cousin come with me some stop looking my way after that.

    1. Also thanks Tajan, everything you said was soooo true. Zen thanks also buddy I’m just seeing you guys comments. I’m a very shy guy around new people and a lot of people who get to know say they thought I was stuck up, so I guess I’m not approachable and that could be part of the problem. As silly as it sounds I kind of get an emotional attachment to some of these dudes I have seen over the last few years. I guess I get down because at the end of the day they have women and sometimes kids who they go home too. I’m by myself and I’m tired of being lonely. Women through themselves at me and one girl I use to talk to talk as a teenager is trying to get with me, so the straight light life would be so much easier for me and sometimes I wish I could just be with a female. I’m not trying to feel sorry for myself but this discreet lifestyle is so stressful and exhausting. Again I thank each and every one of guys who took time to write a comment, much love to you guys I wouldn’t know what to do without you’ll.

      1. Oh Sir please don’t feel sorry for yourself it’s not gonna do you a bit of good just deal with the cards you’re dealt with and just re-arrange some those cards and make it work ask yourself which one would you rather have those men are not as happy as you would think the grass is not always greener on the other side happiness is relative so you find your own happiness work with that what makes you happy? Only you can determine that.

    2. Making yourself available to unavailable won’t make you feel any less lonely.

      Let’s say you do get some sex. You’re going to be even more lonely when they go back to their girlfriend or wife. You can’t call and text a man that’s already attached. All you do is wait until he wants to smash and the cycle begins again. You’re still alone most of the time.

      Find a nice discreet dude. It’s possible.

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