the mercury retrograde has destroyed my “ships” that have sailed (done)

when i’m done; i’m done.
when jamari fox is turned off,
it’s really hard to turn him back on.
there are a few attentionistos who disrespected me and the foxhole in the past.
i’ve been sent their biceps,
sex tapes,
and nothing will budge for me to find interest.

Add on how I’ve been killing it in therapy…

“i feel sorry for that man”.
this mercury retrograde has been an interesting one because i’ve been feeling the shifts.
there was a ps4 gaming group that i was in that i realized i outgrew.
i knew i was done when i fully removed myself from the group chat.
there was one member in the group that i was pretty close with,
but i realized early on they would side with them.
call it my foxy senses coming into play.
i was sent a whatsapp message after a month of being ignored.
there is no need to be nasty in your breakups…

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are ya’ll ready for “the walking dead” meets “call of duty” (hunt: showdown)

i like scary games,
but then i don’t.
you won’t catch me playing resident evil or outlast.
i’d be screaming too much like a girl than playing the actual game.
there is a game that i’m really into these days.
i saw some twitch streamers playing and i had to cop the following

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“detroit: become human” gives me life

even though i’m going through a serious depression,
i can’t act like i don’t have good ones in my life.
my friends and the foxhole.
some days are tough,
but thank you for standing you with me.
so i’ve been wanting this game for a while now.
“detroit: become human”.

i love a good story when i play a game.
even though i’m legit addicted to “dead by daylight”,
which is all about surviving from/being a killer,
“detroit: become human” is something more.
in this game,
you chose where the story will go.
you pick the direction for the characters.
whatever you choose will unlock the rest of the story.
it reminds me of “tell tales: the walking dead”.

the first two chapters of that game were so intense.
i legit cried at one of the deaths in that one.
one of my gamer friends knows i’ve been dealing with a lot.
“why come” last night i got a text from said gamer friend….

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Whippin’ The Batmobile All Over Gotham

key610 923523452so i’ve learned to drive the damn batmobile

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Depression Getting In the Way of My Video Games

12929008015_6c5055456e_bi know i’m goin’ through it if i don’t even want to play this...
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I’m Scared (Absolutely Positively Scared)

the_last_of_us_remastered-t2why didn’t anyone tell me “the last of us” is so scary???
this game is intense!
just check out the intro
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