“detroit: become human” gives me life

even though i’m going through a serious depression,
i can’t act like i don’t have good ones in my life.
my friends and the foxhole.
some days are tough,
but thank you for standing you with me.
so i’ve been wanting this game for a while now.
“detroit: become human”.

i love a good story when i play a game.
even though i’m legit addicted to “dead by daylight”,
which is all about surviving from/being a killer,
“detroit: become human” is something more.
in this game,
you chose where the story will go.
you pick the direction for the characters.
whatever you choose will unlock the rest of the story.
it reminds me of “tell tales: the walking dead”.

the first two chapters of that game were so intense.
i legit cried at one of the deaths in that one.
one of my gamer friends knows i’ve been dealing with a lot.
“why come” last night i got a text from said gamer friend….

…with the code to redeem the game because he bought it for me?

“i hope this makes you feel a little better jamari”


i mentioned that i wanted the game,
but it was just in passing.
come on thru universe!

so i played the first mission at like 3am.
completely into it.
first of all,
i was blown away by the graphics.
it felt so real.
sooner than later,
our whole bodies are gonna be inside the game.
from what i’m seeing so far,
the game revolves around androids taking the roles of humans,
which is causing conflict and animosity.
so my first mission ending was different than this one:

i was sympathetic to him,
honest that i had a gun,
ordered the helicopter to go,
told him it was pretty much over,
and chose to calm the little girl down.
 he decided that he wanted to jump off the building with her.
i ended up rescuing her,
but i fell off the roof with him where we both died(?).
that’s what i’d do in real life,
but there are so many other outcomes i could have chosen.
i wonder…

What would happen if I chose the worst possible choices?

i’m ready to find out.

lowkey: i noticed jesse williams and minka kelly are in this game.
is this how they met?

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on ““detroit: become human” gives me life”

  1. I’ve been interested in this game for a minute, and I’m pleased to hear that it’s good so far. You should check out the new Spider-Man game too; it’s really good. Kudos to your friend for gifting that to you.

  2. I can’t wait to try it when I get some money to blow. I don’t think my computer can handle it though. Why did they use the name Detroit?

    Side note: I feel like Black gamers are a rare and dying breed. People look at me like I got two heads if I mention gaming. Didn’t know him but RIP Eli Clayton

    1. They use the name Detroit because it takes place in a futuristic version of the city that’s become the android capital of the country (and probably the world).

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