who knew a game of monopoly would have a message about life in it

*there is a message in here somewhere.

i played monopoly with a friend of mine.
i’ve only played the game 1 time before that.
all i know about monopoly is:

It ruins friendships
It can go on for hours

as we were playing yesterday

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the “worst case scenario” game

one of my favorite tv couples is randall and beth from “this is us“.
i’d love to be the “beth” to someone’s “randall”.
so they both have this game they play called “worst case scenario“.
it’s where they say the worst cases of a situation and the fears they have about it.
it is a judgement free zone where you say whatever on your mind,
no matter how stupid,
or crazy it may sound.
for this new season,
i watched an episode today where they got their kids into it:

i tried the same game out with a recent situation i found myself in…

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“detroit: become human” gives me life

even though i’m going through a serious depression,
i can’t act like i don’t have good ones in my life.
my friends and the foxhole.
some days are tough,
but thank you for standing you with me.
so i’ve been wanting this game for a while now.
“detroit: become human”.

i love a good story when i play a game.
even though i’m legit addicted to “dead by daylight”,
which is all about surviving from/being a killer,
“detroit: become human” is something more.
in this game,
you chose where the story will go.
you pick the direction for the characters.
whatever you choose will unlock the rest of the story.
it reminds me of “tell tales: the walking dead”.

the first two chapters of that game were so intense.
i legit cried at one of the deaths in that one.
one of my gamer friends knows i’ve been dealing with a lot.
“why come” last night i got a text from said gamer friend….

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The Art of Letting Go: Screen Shot Edition

i’m getting ready to climb my mountain again.
i was down in a dark place for the last two months.
i’ve been stuck in a valley for a little while now,
but i had to get down here to see what i didn’t want in my life.
it has been an interesting time.
i wanted to share the following game with the foxhole.
it is called “the art of letting go” from magick moods.
you have to take a screen shot for the results.
mine was on point because…
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I Think I Could Kick The Hulk’s Ass (Marvel)

marvel vs dc.
i choose marvel,
even though i love batman.
marvel have the better movies too.
i’ve been looking for games to play on my phone.
i play them a lot when i’m on the train to work.
my old co worker use to play the following game,
and i didn’t understand why he is so hooked,
but now i get it…
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Getting Smashed In The Spa While Being Recorded

i’ve been wanting to play “mafia 3” for a while now.
when i get some funds,
it’s definitely going on my “too purchase” list.
why ya’ll ain’t tell me there was a gay sex scene in the game tho?…
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