The Art of Letting Go: Screen Shot Edition

i’m getting ready to climb my mountain again.
i was down in a dark place for the last two months.
i’ve been stuck in a valley for a little while now,
but i had to get down here to see what i didn’t want in my life.
it has been an interesting time.
i wanted to share the following game with the foxhole.
it is called “the art of letting go” from magick moods.
you have to take a screen shot for the results.
mine was on point because…

i meannnnnnnnnnnnn…

that was facts on top of facts.
i might just be magic.
so take a screen shot and see what yours reveals:

i’d love to see what you got!

9 thoughts on “The Art of Letting Go: Screen Shot Edition

  1. I decided I’d take 6 and apply them to my life so my finds were:

    1. Let go of anger to allow in compassion

    2. Let go of regret to allow in appreciation

    3. Let go of lies to allow in truth

    4. Let go of restrictions to allow in freedom

    5. Let go of anxiety to allow in tranquility

    6. Let go of inhibitions to allow in rain on my skin

    7. Let go of burdens to allow in solutions

    8. Let go of envy to allow in gratitude

  2. 1st time I tried it; because I didn’t know what I was doing; Release: Deceit and Attract: Honesty. Second time: Release: Conflict and Attract: Stability. Both situation were on the money. Maybe it is time to move on from that “drama filled job” .

  3. Its interesting that you posted this . Last night I meditated going into the new year and this is what I wrote:

    I am letting go of Hatred (within myself and others
    I am letting go of past hurt
    I am letting go of past feelings
    I am letting go of feeling unworthy
    I am letting go criticism/judgement
    I am letting go of not having a balanced life (Just work Just work and nothing else)
    I am letting go of poor health
    I am letting go of mismanaging my finances
    I am letting go of fear of trust (trusting people and not trusting myself)
    I am letting go of fear of falling in love
    I am letting go of not loving/honoring myself
    I am letting of procrastinating and not going or looking for my passion

    When I was deep meditation I was thinking about the things I was carrying around in my heart and on my shoulders. 2018 will the best for all of us once we let go all of the pain and fear we have been carrying around.

  4. “I release conflict and only attract stability.”

    That’s a good motto to live by. I will keep that in mind this year.

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