i didn’t like the way he bit my shit (please don’t use teeth next time)

when beyonce said during the “4” era:

…i felt that shit with the highest of keys.
am an artist who is sensitive about his shit.
my thoughts are magic and my fingers are my wand.
every day,
i try to bring the foxhole into my inner depths with how i’m feeling/what i’m going through.
i have a dope support base and tribe in the foxhole who keeps me on my toes.
so i like to do creative shit on my ig stories.
it is a spot i can really let my fur down and express myself even further.
one of the foxholers alerted me to something that bugged me

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Deven Hubbard Is The Alleged Leakage That Keeps On Leaking?

*the following entry is xxx foxhole material.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

so this entry is extremely alleged.
so a foxholer sent me this alleged snap of ya’ll’s manz,
deven hubbard.
as you know,
it’s been a lituation as far as he is concerned.
i don’t know WHAT to think anymore,
but foxhole…

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The Art of Letting Go: Screen Shot Edition

i’m getting ready to climb my mountain again.
i was down in a dark place for the last two months.
i’ve been stuck in a valley for a little while now,
but i had to get down here to see what i didn’t want in my life.
it has been an interesting time.
i wanted to share the following game with the foxhole.
it is called “the art of letting go” from magick moods.
you have to take a screen shot for the results.
mine was on point because…
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Frank Ocean Writes Another Letter Again

frankie seems sad…

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