i didn’t like the way he bit my shit (please don’t use teeth next time)

when beyonce said during the “4” era:

…i felt that shit with the highest of keys.
am an artist who is sensitive about his shit.
my thoughts are magic and my fingers are my wand.
every day,
i try to bring the foxhole into my inner depths with how i’m feeling/what i’m going through.
i have a dope support base and tribe in the foxhole who keeps me on my toes.
so i like to do creative shit on my ig stories.
it is a spot i can really let my fur down and express myself even further.
one of the foxholers alerted me to something that bugged me

so the app co-star sent me a notification i really liked:

…and of course,
i used it on my foxhole ig stories.
after watching the last “gossip girl”,
one of the views from a character’s bedroom really inspired me.
these were the stories i did that day:

a foxholer alerted me to go look at someone’s stories yesterday.
this gentleman decided to screenshot what i did:

kingbz wit the flagarant!

my whole lock screen is in his stories.
they even added the cloud gifs i used about mine.
i don’t mind anyone getting inspired by my stuff or even a screenshot.
my issue is:

I don’t even get tagged?

this person used my own words that i wrote.
not even “i feel this” or “100“.
ya know,
just a blatant screenshot.
it’s like when i see someone copy/pasting someone else’s tweets as their own.

when someone posts something dope,
i want them to get their flowers.
being creative is tough.
when someone blatantly takes your shit without a tag,
that is wack sauce.
it’s like pink said when she was going at it with christina aguilera:


lowkey: i notice a lot of folks don’t tag me in shit.
it’s like am your dirty little secret or something?

7 thoughts on “i didn’t like the way he bit my shit (please don’t use teeth next time)

  1. I called a guy out about doing this and he basically told me to “do something”. He has the followers and light skin so he knows nobody would believe me even with proof. So every few weeks I’d check his page and it was all me. Eventually I stopped looking, because it’s like he lives online. I don’t. Let him get his life being obsessed with me. shrugs

    1. Wow, talk about blatant disregard & disrespect for you! Have you reported his posts? Since you have proof people will believe you. You can ask your followers to report him.

  2. I do hate when people use something and don’t mention its a borrowed idea or at least put your own spin on it and still mention the original (I personally would prefer a more beach/scenic view & have brighter more vibrant colors or pastels. Something similar to what shistyca on Twitter did.)

  3. Ironically Beyonce got that line from Erykah Badu
    She says it in the live version of tyrone.

    Ps if people are copying you then I guess you are. Doing something right, even if it is frustrating.

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