let’s have a conversation about his good dick

you tough,
you take no shit,
will fight anyone without an hesitation,
and looked at as “the person you don’t play with“.
you will shade and read someone to a flawless victory.
the problem is that all changes when “it” came around.
what is “it”?


… was it.
one of my home vixens was telling me a story about her friend

from what she told me,
this particular friend was not with the games.
she was a legit brawler.
she has checked and fought other vixens for simply pushing her in a club.
when she met “his good dick”,
she lost alla that energy and became the weak vixen she would often judge.
“his good dick” shifted her back and mind.
it has been allowed her to take and put up with all the disrespect from him.
she is pregnant with “his good dick’s” baby and it hasn’t been easy.
he has been emotionally abusing her since.
he has literally called her every name but a child of God and has lowered her self-worth to zero.
he has gone as far as to say that he never respected her and it was just fucking.
i had to wonder why someone like her would allow “his good dick” to ruin her?
have her out here wanting to procreate with an obviously bad idea?
i asked my friend why and she said…

“He looks good,
is everything she fantasized about in a wolf,
and he has a really nice dick.
The sex was really good.”

i’ve learned…

Some people are not as strong as they portray themselves to be.

they will talk all this shit but will never press the folks who need it most.

I’ve dealt with many of those types in my past storyline.
All that mouth but only opened it to put “his good dick” in their mouth.
They usually had a habit of keeping their voice box closed.

my friend told me in the past,
the same friend would judge her dating choices.
now look…

those folks are usually the ones with the lowest self-esteem.
they judge and fight to distract from the truth.
they have made an effort to curate an image for the public,
but will have their walls destroyed for “his good dick” that is attached to ain’t shit.

the crazy part is that the same dick in the scenario has a weakness for:

“His Good Ex”

he is still in love with his ex and has said she’ll never compare.
his ex wants nothing to do with him because she had the sense to leave.
so he is abusing someone else because he fucked up with another.
he was giving “i’m hurt/hate dick” to this new person,
making them fall in love…

…while he was still in love with someone entirely different who is over his nonsense.
it is all an endless cycle tbh.

This is dating in 2021

…and some of us seriously need therapy.

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