que (mackenro alexander) is a top and doesn’t do any kissin’ or suckin’

i want him to get into…
we’re gonna get into him in a few.
even though i don’t watch tyler perry’s “sistas”,
i love when ya’ll send me scenes from the show.
it’s like the kardashians.
i don’t want their show but i know so much about them.
i guess tyler is getting better with his gay storylines?
this is an interaction between que (mackenro alexander) and maurice (brian jordan jr.).
que was explaining his what he requires during sex to maurice…

x see video here

maurice wanted romance and to be seen as “different”,
but as soon as that anaconda came out,
he got on his knees and became a snake charmer?
i hate when people do that tbh.

“I just want him to see me as different…”

…yet they really wanna fuck.
just go with the flow and see where the vibes take you.
maurice already saw que’s whole package in an earlier episode:

x see video here

…so im kinda confused at this scene.

i do like that que is fuckin’ with maurice tho.
we need more “opposites attract” than “mirror images” being attracted to each other

i think mackenro alexander was a dream.

he has the type of face to sit on.
he is a good look:

he has beautiful dark chocolate skin.
i love a dark chocolate wolf.

mackenro was a football pre-baller wolf for iowa state cyclones.
he is 5’11,
and from naples, florida.

his twin brother,

…currently plays for the vikings.
not to mention it looks like he’s packing that haitian sausage too:

i hope to see more of him and that on my screen as his career in acting progresses.

lowkey: i want some good friendly sexual banter with someone i’m vibin’ wit.
the type that will progress to sneaky linking in the future.
le sigh.

12 thoughts on “que (mackenro alexander) is a top and doesn’t do any kissin’ or suckin’

  1. Not realistic. Gay people with that build typically hate fat dudes. That’s the reality. Not dislike, not just unattracted. Actual KKK like hatred.

    I’ve experienced it and just ignore the ultra fit types in straight or gay environments. I’ve had much less irritation since.

    1. The fat guys are over looked these day and I myself have met a few fat guy I wouldn’t mind getting boo’ed up with. It’s too bad the Adonis image is dominantly reinforced. I’ve seen one couple that are opposite body type like Instagram personal trainer Kendorphins and seems too not mind the thickness with his white boyfriend and they recently bought a house. It’s good that Tyler is giving us this dynamic that’s different and now I want to watch this show. I’ve heard many guy crave for that Haitian meat that’s sensational.

    2. It’s VERY much so realistic! Let’s just say “Que” isn’t far from the actor at all. THE TRUTH always comes to the light. 🍵

  2. I’ll be very happy the day TP productions learn how to cut away from a scene. I swear they linger too damn long… but. I couldn’t agree more with the whole post and brotha Malcolm above.
    Although sometimes I wonder why TP was more inclined to explore a storyline like this in Sistas as opposed to Brothas but I’m probably overthinking it

    1. ^ i think tyler’s issue is he likes to fill a scene with all of the dialogue so he doesn’t have to keep cutting.
      you know in other shows there is one scene and then it’ll cut to another scene and then cut to another scene?
      so there are different backgrounds he characters end up going?
      tyler seems to go the soap opera route with his shows.
      so it’s one set and one set of dialogue until the next scene with a completely differently set of characters for their dialogue.

      if that makes sense….?

    2. Because adding that scene to Brothas would not be shocking. Gay scenes on a all-woman show draws more hype for its romance and shock value

    3. You are not overthinking it Z. I have noticed that myself. It is like he is more feminine minded than masculine minded or it could be that he is bisexual but leaning more to gay

  3. He post a pic of his Father on his IG one time and they look just alike but his Father had piercing brown eyes. And the guy who plays Maurice in real life he’s so chill and talented. I just wish Tyler would hire new writers. But overall I guess we’ll see how the shows develop.

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