mi amor, you’re such a bore (do something interesting before i snore)

that title thoooo?

so i fonted in a past entry that outside of marvin bienaime shoots,
 charlie is kinda boring.
i mean when you look as good as him,
it’s typical to not be interesting.
you’re either arm candy,
get passes through life/jobs,
or used to breed.
i thought that he was just “mysterious” and that created “the fantasy” in my head.
thanks to charlie being on “love island usa“:

He is really just boring and dry.

he is not made for reality tv.
thats the conversation while he has been on the show.
voting one of the popular sistas off the island,
along with coupling up with a white vixen he has no chemistry with,
didn’t seem to help him much either.

it made me wonder something tho…

If cameras were to be set up and our lives were to be filmed every single day,
what would people really think of us?

everyone one of us has a storyline.
when we encounter challenges,
meet new people,
or go into the working forests,
it all leads to us being real-life characters on this world’s stage.
we are all role-playing and making decisions that will affect something now or later.
its like the people we hurt today are potential enemies for the future.
i find that so interesting because i find we are at our best when we’re down bad.
that is when we are challenged and it shapes our characters.

I’ve always been attracted to bold characters who know how to stir shit up.

the ones that whatever situations they find themselves in,
they can turn any situation into something dope.
i’d like to think i’m that person tbh.
some of these other folks don’t know how to do that.
they just know how to be “cute” and “curated” for social media.

Take the same pictures and videos on social media.
Date and fuck the same kind of people
Hang out with the same crowds that match their comfort zones
Work at the same boring jobs until they become part of the floor
Travel to the same states or hot spot destinations
Dress alike at the same party scene
Live the same lives and literally become their parents

…but people aren’t doing anything groundbreaking that makes them actually interesting.
so they all just come off boring and wack.
you can do all those things and actually still be interesting.
you know the ones,
or maybe it’s yourself,
who actually stands out in those cloned crowds.

think about YOU as a whole.
are you interesting?
are you cultured?
is your social media different than others?

bounce back when you’re broke af and down tf bad?
roll with the punches if you make a mistake?

know how to fall back and keep folks wanting more?
when faced with confrontation,
do you bring the drama for some excitement?
do you know how to properly stir shit up?

It’s more interesting when the sexy attentionisto dates someone no one would expect him to date.
It’s more interesting when the straight male is platonic friends with the gay male.
It’s more interesting to have friends in all kinds of circles than a group of narcs.
It’s more interesting to work at a job and make it interesting.
It’s more interesting to be someone who doesn’t follow the crowd.
It’s more interesting to stir the pot and create a little drama (without being malicious).
It’s more interesting to be kind but keep your feets on the necks of your enemies.
It’s more interesting to be gay and not be the typical catty and rude gay.

…but i think thats what makes most people so boring nowadays.
they would rather be dry than be idolized for being different.
sucks to be them.

5 thoughts on “mi amor, you’re such a bore (do something interesting before i snore)

  1. I love an intelligent boring man!!![ I don’t like drama] I have always liked the “Square, Nerds”

    I actually like Charlie more after seeing him on “Love Island.” He is so good-looking .

    I think he is purposely holding the real Charlie under wraps

  2. I am very boring if you were to watch my day to day, but I am an intimate kind of person. Have a conversation with with me one on one and you will see how I am actually an interesting person, but it’s not very apparent because I am introverted and dont have an exciting social life.

  3. This is why I go for average and entertaining. VERY few beautiful people have anything on the inside. Just a hollow mannequin.

    I like quiet types who have unusual interests that can teach me something. People seem to think rude, loud and drama-filled people are interesting. I like good storytellers and people who can come up with unorthodox solutions that sound “out there”, but ‘work”. I like advice-givers. People who come to “be a bad bish”, okay…I can see these clothes on a runway. The clothes are wearing you. You give no substance.

  4. Atleast Fboy Island was good and a pretty surprising ending. Love Island (USA) has been boring all the way around.

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