i’m boring rn.

like animals in the wild,
everyone’s life has a moment of hibernation.
even when it’s a season of partying and celebrating,
YOU might just want to lay in bed and binge tv shows all day.
life gets boring.
you have no social life,
in the middle of a transition,
no one is fuckin’ you or wit you,
and you’re literally not in the mood for any bullshit.
these days,
with no job and in a pandemic with weird violent energy happening outside…

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mi amor, you’re such a bore (do something interesting before i snore)

that title thoooo?

so i fonted in a past entry that outside of marvin bienaime shoots,
 charlie is kinda boring.
i mean when you look as good as him,
it’s typical to not be interesting.
you’re either arm candy,
get passes through life/jobs,
or used to breed.
i thought that he was just “mysterious” and that created “the fantasy” in my head.
thanks to charlie being on “love island usa“:

He is really just boring and dry.

he is not made for reality tv.
thats the conversation while he has been on the show.
voting one of the popular sistas off the island,
along with coupling up with a white vixen he has no chemistry with,
didn’t seem to help him much either.

it made me wonder something tho…

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The Sex Put Me To Sleep (and Not In The Way I Liked)


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f0xmail: How I Spent My All Star Weekend With My NBA Partna.


Jamari. I want to thank u for creating this site for people like me to read and feel comfortable. It has helped me in so many ways. Anyway I am here at All Star Weekend with my partna who plays in the NBA. U mentioned him on a few of your entries. He is 100 straight. I am bi and he doesn’t know that I get down with guys too. This is an update about All star since u wrote that entry a while back…ITS DEAD.Shit is wack I been coming a few years and it has really changed. The NBA has pulled the plug on a lot of the ratchet shit that use to go on. Players are getting fined out the ass if they do anything that brings a bad light on the corporation. A lot of girlfriends wives and family are required to come along now. My partna has his girl and son with him.  Many of the players end up working for different charities. Groupies are everywhere trying to get chose but they have been trying to get with all the rappers. Strippers are having better luck. Females now filming or taking pictures to be on Worldstar or get rich quick. You will hear about more rappers being exposed than players. Sorry this wasn’t an exciting letter. I managed to get some head from some bitch I met friday night if that what u call exciting lmfao a bitch will do whatever u want her to do if she think she will meet a baller. I wish I knew where all the get down parties were at… I think I would have enjoyed myself more… Before I go: some players have their boyfriends and jump offs in their crew.U wrote about that I think and that is very true. Also a couple well known singers are fucking with nba and nfl players. Bills got to get paid when albums not. Also rappers and singers use studio time to fuck around with each other. Features on songs have happened because of hook ups. Stay up.


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Can You Guess Which 3 Basketball Wives Just Got Fired?

Funny enough,
the ones who got fired didn’t strike me as old chicken heads

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I’m Willing To Suck and Get Fucked To Be A Star

You get your first hit when you get a little bit of attention.
Then, you start craving it more and more.
That high you got the first time…
you need that again and again.
So, you start thinking of ways to get more.
You start selling bits and pieces of your soul.
Then you see others just like you.
What they do starts to take over your mind.
Next thing you know, you are addicted and your mind is completely gone.

FAME can be a horrible drug to overdose on.

I def saw myself wanting to be addicted to FAME at one point.
I craved the 25,000 followers and the attention that came with it.
But in this new day and age,
social media being the way of self expression,
and random people doing the most outrageous things to get seen:


The high that people receive when everyone knows their name is better than any form of weed or cocaine.
But, what happens when FAME starts to take over your mind?
What happens when you start being controlled by FAME?
What happens when you lose your FAME and have to turn social tricks to get it again?
Why does everyone, who are actually no ones, chase FAME?
I started to wonder…

Why is everyone trying to be the STAR?

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