i’m boring rn.

like animals in the wild,
everyone’s life has a moment of hibernation.
even when it’s a season of partying and celebrating,
YOU might just want to lay in bed and binge tv shows all day.
life gets boring.
you have no social life,
in the middle of a transition,
no one is fuckin’ you or wit you,
and you’re literally not in the mood for any bullshit.
these days,
with no job and in a pandemic with weird violent energy happening outside…

My life is rather boring right now.

is it boring or am i just charging tf up?
for this last month of a very transitional year for me,
i’m getting things together so i can be more active next year.
my spirit actually wants to be back out in these forests.
i want to travel,
meet new people,
see old people.
and date find a good fuck buddy again.

I know the last part was vulgar af but you get my point.

enjoy the moments in your life when nothing is happening.
social media will have you thinking if you aren’t at every ribbon cutting,
or front row at every cock fight,
you aren’t poppin’.
your life isn’t some reality show where you always have to be entertaining people for likes.
even bey and rihanna sit tf down until it’s time to promote something.
the kardashians are always on and you see how annoying they can be at times.
i find thats when you burn out the faster too.
so if you find yourself in your season of “boring”,
you need to enjoy that shit.

that means your next season of “you be poppin'” is around the corner.

lowkey: while being boring,
i’ve got a nice glo up in the works.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “i’m boring rn.”

  1. Negro, sitchoazz down and enjoy it. It’s cold af outside, ppl are in the damn way everywhere in ny thanks to the holiday/shopping season, and before you know it, you’ll be back to work. Put down the social media. Go take an epsom salt bath. Decompress.

      1. Have some hot chocolate. Make it with carnation, fresh cream and lots of marshmallows. Dunk some gingersnaps or butter cookies in and chillax. Enjoy the magic of the Christmas lights sparkling and burn a scented candle.
        This is our weather and time if year. ❤️

  2. Jamari we should hang out in real life I’ve lived in ny for six years we have way too much in common 😂😂😂😂 it’s actually scary I was just telling someone this and now u made it an entry

    But idk who you follow but all my friends, even the biggest of thots has been inside for the last 3 mos

    I haven’t been out since I went to a drag brunch the last weekend of September

    I think everyone is having an existential crisis

    Student loans are coming due again and a lot of people are still reeling from the effects of covid on their pockets also people have lost loved ones and this is the first and second holiday many are having to live without them

    1. ^my block is so dead this christmas season.
      no lights and no celebration this year.
      i was listening to christmas music and i didn’t feel that usually “cheer”.

      i def feel you on people have an existential crisis.
      a few people i know irl seemed to have lost their minds

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