the wrath of don (lemon)

take it from me,
it’s hard to make friends in the industry or even at regular jobs.
you think you meet someone(s) who has your back and survey says:

jussie smollett and don lemon appeared to be friends in the industry.
two black gays trying to build a bridge with each other amongst this sea of industry straights.
jussie decided to throw don under the bus during his trial.
he admitted don was allegedly tipping him off about what the police were doing.
( x see article here )

when jussie was found guilty yesterday,
you know the type of energy don was on during his show on cnn…

Don Lemon turned on his old pal Jussie Smollett hours after his conviction for faking a hate crime – but continued to avoid claims he’d offered the actor inside information about the police probe into his claims.

Speaking hours after Smollett was convicted of faking a racist and homophobic hate crime, Lemon said: ‘He had to make up too many lies as to why he didn’t want to do certain things,’ said Lemon on Thursday night.

‘To cover. Like another lie – and I guess he got caught up in that because he took the stand himself.

‘He got angry with the prosecutor as the prosecutor poked holes in his story – calling the only other witnesses liars.’ 

Lemon also blasted Smollett for making it harder for real victims of hate attacks to be taken seriously. 

And he listened intently while his legal analyst Joey Jackson called for Smollett to face jail   

Asked by Lemon what he thought of the verdict, Jackson said: ‘I think it’s the proper result.’ 

don was like:

let’s say,
allegedly fonting,
that don did what he is being accused of.
he might have been trying to look out for jussie.
now jussie got him roped up in this shit trying to save his own ass.
jussie went on that stand and outed people’s alleged sexuality,
threw past friends and associates under the bus,
and was so insufferable while doing all of this.
he didn’t come off likable and his antics were too much.
in my opinion,
he was coming off ruthless and would do/say anything to make sure he came out on top.
those types of people make me nervous.
now he wants an appeal his guilty verdict:

so let’s font in his appeal,
he is found innocent,
the court of public opinion doesn’t seem to have changed its mind.
i think our “gay tupac” needs to go dark,
rebuild his reputation,
release “b-boy blues”,
work quietly behind the scenes on various projects,
and let this incident be forgotten in time.

Can we do a reboot of “One Night in Chicago: The Jussie Smollett Story”?

i hope not.

lowkey: jussie posted this on his ig after he was found guilty…


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article cc: daily mail

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “the wrath of don (lemon)”

  1. Someone who loves Jussie Smollett, and has his best interests at heart, needs to intervene. It’s time for a long stay in rehab. If he returns contrite for his past mistakes and enlighted about his behavior, he’ll make a comeback. If not, he’s completely washed up.

    1. ^yeah he should definitely vanish but people are kissing his ass.
      they are doing that thing where they aren’t telling him the truth and he is going off that energy.
      he needs to really vanish and do a lot of bts work in building his reputation back.

          1. Yes! Drugs and Bipolar Disorder, just like Kanye. Btw is it a coincidence that both Jussie and Kanye are Geminis? Anyway, if you read the court transcripts, Jussie spilled all his tea regarding his substance abuse, sex addiction, and mental health instability. But like you said, Jussie got too many yes-people, fans, and enablers around him that only see $$$. Ultimately the ball is in Jussie’s court as to what happens with his future. He has to come to the realization that he needs help.

  2. I don’t want to pile on, but it seems like a certain crowd is determined to find a silver lining for this man, with strokes to his head cooing “there, there.” Even BLM LA is doing the most by continuing to stand with him. On what are y’all standing?? Hopefully it’s not the fact that JussJuss apparently referred to the Osundairos as “black as sin.”

    While his crime may not have caused great harm to anyone, it does undermine true victims of hate crimes. There’s a reason why Fox News stayed on this story like white on rice. Moreover, this whole debacle suggests serious character issues that won’t be solved by a trip to rehab and a PR campaign.

    I think that he deserves redemption, but he needs to work for it. The work starts by apologizing and owning what he did wrong. I’m put off by the people that are so ready to gloss over what he did without holding him accountable.

    1. ^ yeah i don’t like the random support he is getting.
      it’s very coddle but if he was lee daniels or someone else,
      they would be thrown under the bus and dismissed in a heartbeat.

      if jussie was an unattractive dark skinned black gay man doing this,
      we would never hear from him again.

      1. Totally agree. His skin tone, attractiveness, and celebrity has people out here ready to shower him with redemption and ignore the fact that he’s still lying. It would be one thing if he was contrite. It would still be too much coddling. But it’s wild to me that black folks are out here ready to forgive this fool when he’s not even sorry for what he did. Episodes like this are very telling about what the black community values and why. Smdh.

      2. So true. So true. Pretty Boy season is over for the bright skinned boys.🦊
        It’s mystifying why anyone would just tell a obvious lie that is so easily dissected and untrue. And call those gorgeous Nigerians ” Black as sin”.
        The crack must be really damn good. That stem Jussie was sucking from was better than the shit that took Alice to Wonderland. Where is Cookie Lyons when we need her to smack him back to Ruby’s Bucket of Blood.♥️🌈

  3. Damn, Jessie is messy. Now this is putting a bad taste in my mouth even to forget that Boy Blues or anything tied to his lame ass. if this shit never happened, Empire would still be running on that evening mid week slot and he ruined it. I wonder what his former cast think of his ass?

  4. (about Jussie and his behavior) “those types of people make me nervous.” THAT. 👏 PART. 👏

    It’s already cause for concern when a person believes his/her own bullshit. But when someone breaks through and shuts all that bullshit down, that can be a catalyst for some wildin’ behavior.

    Cognitive dissonance is a MUTHA — Jussie’s circle of friends, family and enablers better clear out the way when he ultimately spirals.

    1. Well, his family and inner circle may already be aware of his potential to spiral out of control. Allegedly, Jussie once was under the influence and driving, ended up crashing the car, and convinced his brother to claim he was the one driving in order to not have a criminal record attached to him. His brother took the fall for Jussie. I definitely get the feeling that his family probably are used to Jussie’s impulsive, wild, narcissistic side and do a lot to cover for him.

      1. Word? I never heard about that mess with the brother and the car accident. Dude is on a whole other level of cray–

        1. Yep! Jussie definitely has some kind of personality disorder or some kind of unchecked mental health issues. I think his family is so used to covering it up or in denial about it in order to maintain a certain image in Hollywood. You know the whole family had that TV show back in the 90s trying be the next Jackson 5.

  5. I
    Just finished reading some additional trial testimony. Jussie is a delusional narcissist. It is so disrespectful the way his legal team portrayed those men; and the scorned lover part is hilarious 😂😆. I mean, why would you get that close to Lee Daniels and settle for Jussie? And he should drop the Jussie in his re+birth back to celebrity and use his given name. In addition, there are smarter sexier men in Chicago if you gotta be tricking. To out this man was just a shame, shame sham. Nobody yelled cut at the conclusion of the trial, so it certainly was not a dress rehearsal for Empire. Good luck, Justin.

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