the series finale to jussie smollett story has ended and…

the series finale to “a night in chicago: the jussie smollett story” has come to an end.
this story has literally been like a roach infestation since 2019.
i forgot all about it until the recent trial.
i was all set in moving forward with the release of “b-boy blues”.
they reached a verdict and…


from “nbc news”:

A Chicago jury Thursday reached guilty verdicts on five of six charges against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, who was accused of falsely reporting he was the victim of a disturbing, hate-fueled beating.

The panel, deliberating since Wednesday afternoon, weighed six counts of felony disorderly conduct against Smollett for telling police he was brutally assaulted on Jan. 29, 2019, at 2:45 a.m. in the Windy City’s Streeterville neighborhood.

The offenses are class 4 felonies and could be punishable by up to three years behind bars. But Smollett has a clean criminal record, making any jail time highly unlikely.



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Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “the series finale to jussie smollett story has ended and…”

  1. As exempted. His lies did not hold up. He was carrying basket full of water and it all fell through the holes. I hope this will be the end of this messy case. As for those Nigerians they young, they will bounce back if not already.

    1. ^ i wonder how the brother felt being outed in court like that?

      jussie threw don lemon and lee daniel’s name out there to in this mess.
      i’m curious to see how this will all end up.

  2. I am glad we can all move on. As for Jussie, I hope he takes some time for introspection and reflection. He can still have a career, but he needs to get himself together most importantly. Just hope this doesn’t tarnish B Boy Blues the movie too much…

    1. More than likely, it can survive, IF, the studio doesn’t push who directed it. You can get away with not telling the director until the end of the movie. It needs a strong cast and possibly a strong soundtrack. The cast doesn’t have to be like The Harder They Fall but more like Moonlight. Have a strong lead and story and it could possibly pull off.

      Jussie name and credibility is shot right now. You are a convicted liar. Then he threw names that didn’t have anything to do with the story. Telling the court Don Lemon tipped you off, that could get Don fired which people are already trying to do now. He has embarrassed those who supported him and then his story kept changing about how he knew the brothers. First you didn’t know them, to one was trying to come on to you, to you had a jag session with one; make up your mind. If you don’t know them, you don’t know them. If you had a sexual relationship with one, you set it up, period. I think that is what made the jury come back with a guilty verdict, his story was all over the place. The brothers had the same story from day one so people believed them and they took a deal to never see jail time for testifying. They will be ok. Jussie better go find his ex-husband Patrick Ian-Polk and try to do some behind the scenes work on P Valley because Lee Daniels is done.

  3. I need him to stop dragging his elderly mom to court to hear about his bathhouse escapades. He tried to make this case messy instead of sticking to the facts. It was an easy win because the prosecution stuck to the evidence and not who was screwing who. He is dragging his family into this and his sister still has a hot career. Keep playing around and he’s gonna take her down too.

    1. That part but Jurnee good, she been on Full House and that Eve Bayou scene, “get out the damn tub”! To see the Adult Jurnee, Underground, Lovecraft Country, and Harley Quinn; she good.

  4. I’m glad it’s over. Everyone can move on. He’s not going to jail so he can lay low for awhile and try to figure out how to rebrand himself.

    1. Yup. Rebranding is not going to help but he can still work just not in front of the camera. He needs either executive producer work or keep directing and use a different directing name. He can use his middle name. Celebrities do it all the time to keep working, like Eva Pigford who stopped using that to Eva Marcille. She had to pay Tyra Banks everytime she used Eva Pigford.

      1. Why you think he’s not going to jail? He originally had a no contest deal where he wouldn’t serve any time. They took that off the table simply to go to trial to make an example.

  5. No all skin folk are kin folk as they say. He’s taken back sooo much work that has been done to safe guard victims of a hate crime for his selfish benefits

  6. I was disappointed that he lied to say the least. As the details poured out as the investigation went on, the more suspect his story became. I think he had a bright career future of it wasn not for this but oh well. Attention is like a drug to some.

  7. Had Jussie publicly apologized for the hoax and said he had a breakdown it would never have come to this. The prosecutors, media etc. are never going to let him forget he accused a White man allegedly linked to MAGA for this fakery. There’s more outrage in some quarters against him for this sad stunt that nuked his career than there is for the people who participated in the attempted January 6, 2021 coup, which could have overthrown the elected government of the US. I hope he gets a good counselor or psychologist to help him deal with his delusion too. But will he go to prison for this? There are many who want him to.

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