so i watched “and just like that” and just like that, i had to give my thoughts…

The following has light spoilers.

so as you know,
i dragged the re-boot of sex and the city.
“and just like that” on hbo max was not getting my vote before i watched,
but i decided to give it a shot.
one of my friends demanded i watch it since i’m the “in the know” in their life.
so i did just now and i’m gonna font a controversial statement

I was actually REALLY into that storyline.

i know.
i know.
i’m typing this.

When they killed off ________ it actually made a shit ton of sense.

as we all know,
death can totally jump-start someone’s story in real life and in a show.
i think the killing was needed tbh because it would just be “hi let’s catch up!“.
a few thoughts:

– carrie became a prude in her younger age,

the fact she was so confused with the graphic sex talk on the podcast,
especially with a friend like samantha jones,

was confusing to me.

– lily giving that piano that work >

– carrie just wanting to watch big jack off was so bizarre.
ima need you to get involved!
tickle a ball or talk dirty to him.

do kids actually fuck like hardcore rabbits in their parent’s house?
like bedhead banging against the parent bedroom wall tho?
must be a white household thing.

– nicole ari parker looks soooooooo good.
black looks so preserved when it’s watered and moisturized.

– miranda looks the best out of all of them.
is she a full-time drunk now or…?

– i was originally annoyed by callie since her character in grey’s anatomy is annoying af,
but she warmed me over.

– charlotte’s husband,
looks really good.

– it’s sad to watch willie garson aka standford knowing he passed away.
rip to him.

my only issue tho:

The excuse as to why Samantha isn’t with them is AWFUL.

samantha jones,
ryde or die for carrie bradshaw,
ended a friendship because of hiring another publicist?

all in all,
i am interested in how this will all go down for this season.
and just like that…
jamari fox is tuned in.

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3 thoughts on “so i watched “and just like that” and just like that, i had to give my thoughts…”

  1. I liked it. I am one gay who didn’t go in for Samantha like that so she’s not missed by me. I LOVE Nicole’s character and hope that she (and her family) will get more screen time. I have my eye on the podcast engineer, tho…I’m in for the season. Can’t wait to see how it develops. Wasn’t really feeling grownup Brady, either. Hopefully they will downplay his role as the season progresses. I also like that you cannot binge all 10 episodes immediately. All episodes pretty much ensures I am not going to watch because I don’t have that kind of time. I like getting my episodes one or two at a time as I can carve an hour out of my day…

  2. I’ve watched a few episodes of Sex and the City and just like Friends, it has to be brainwashing. Boring and not interesting, but Black people LIVE for it. You don’t have to see Black onscreen to enjoy it, but like…

    Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids…worth watching. It’s like people choose the most boring, basic stuff to get endless seasons and reboots.

    To each their own. Enjoy!

  3. Samantha would never leave Carrie like that. Im so glad they didn’t do Wade like that from Noah’s Arc. That damn Lilly. I am feeling Nicole Ari Parker as the replacement. “Black Charlotte/Miranda/Carrie” fits in so nice. She does everything Miranda does but acts like Charlotte with the Carrie attitude. They made people wait all these years to do that in the first episode, that hurt. That damn Lilly, she played the hell out that piano.

    Seli, that Desperate Housewives was my shit! When the black people moved in on Wysteria Lane, shook that bitch up. The gay couple was boring to me. I couldn’t get into Devious Maids. The sex stories was interesting but not enough for me to follow it.

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