travis scott thought it was a great time to hear his pov about astroworld

i dunno,
but i think it’s a little too soon for travis scott to be talking to the media.
the best course of action is to say nothing and be more involved bts.
how long did it take for oj simpson to interview after he was found not guilty?
after the astroworld massacre,
and all these lawsuits,
you’d think he would vanish and come back for interviews next year.
the wound is still fresh ‘n’ shit.
he decides to interview with charlamagne on his youtube channel,
which dropped today and…

he isn’t the most skilled speaker.
there were a lot of awkward pauses and the energy was off.

He said a whole bunch of nothing that we haven’t heard.

he claims he didn’t know anything that was happening while he was on stage.
he also says since he was the face of the festival,
the media is putting the blame on him.
well after the videos that were leaked,
what does he think was gonna happen?
the video he posted on ig the day after should have been flagged by his management and Jesus.

i know charla is one of the voices of the culture,

Should Travis have gone with a more mainstream media outlet for his first interview?

they probably would have passively-aggressively dragged him tbh.
i can just see robin robert’s face as she hit him with curveball questions.
this is why this is all too soon and he should have continued to lay low.
no one is begging to hear him speak atm.
a good q2 interview next year would have been perfect.
i don’t see how this helped him at all tbh.

even that family knows when to speak and when to shut up.

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4 thoughts on “travis scott thought it was a great time to hear his pov about astroworld”

  1. Its that Kardashian Curse he just got hit with. None of them were able to rebound after they got hit. This whole thing goes on the promoters as well. They didn’t want to stop the show because money was involved. They could have easily cut off the mics and turned the lights off to let him know something was wrong. The cameramen kept recording and did nothing. Its not just on him. Its on everybody who kept the show going, producers, promoters, even security. Everybody has a radio and a simple “stop the show we got people dying over here” would have been easy. But at the end Travis is going to end up paying for everything because he was on stage and he is the one who didn’t have the decency to let this get handled in court and talk about it AFTER it was settled.

  2. I see a young man who is in need of advice and direction. Did his lawyer approve this interview? I’m sure they did or else he wouldn’t have sat down with you Charlemagne. You asked the questions I expected you to ask and sadly Travis did not have the presence of thought to answer directly. Instead, his young mind wandered and spoke in generalizations.

    He kept saying ‘ he relied on the Professionals”. OK, I expected the question so WHO are these professionals to which you keep referring?

    Another question that wasn’t asked was WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED? It seems that despite all this time he doesn’t seem to know what exactly happened? Did he launch his own investigation? He said he wanted to know what happened so it doesn’t happen again. OK well, it starts with a complete and thorough investigation Travis because as YOU are the face its I’m[portant for YOU to know so YOU can make changes in the future and make changes NOW. Instead, you spoke in generalizations, and plans, and assumptions. WHAT HAPPENED TRAVIS? Do you know? It seems the answer is NO and if you know well you could have said in the interest of the lawsuits you cannot say. But at no time did I hear you refer to the implications of you speaking out of court so it makes me wonder, what have you done to correct what has happened apart from you offering to pay for the funeral expenses? That’s the least of your problems and frankly, the families are correct to say thanks but no thanks!

    This tragedy couldn’t have happened to a more limited person in terms of experience and management. Amazing how when the shit hits the fans everyone ducks for cover, including Live Nation. Shows you the limited mind of these people. They give the air of professionalism but deep down situations like this show you who they are! When he was asked who is ULTIMATELY responsible Travis went to San Francisco and back. Still waiting for his answer. This interview will be used against him in court. This brings me to my first question- did his lawyer approve of this interview and was his lawyer present in the room? From all indications, it doesn’t seem so! I hope I’m wrong!

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