pretty in purge?

do jackals and hyenas even get arrested anymore these days?
i don’t know if you been in new yawk as of late,
but the “out of control” has been on 1000.
there are crazy people wyldin everywhere including on the train now.
my home vixen’s cousin who works for the mta said it is dangerous on the train nowadays.
bad enough they have people going back into offices amongst the madness.
this recent incident is a perfect example of what we dealing with now:

new yawk has always been wild but it’s def out of control now.
i had to turn off my citizens app because i was getting OD notifications about crime.
apparently out west,
cali is experiencing the purge?…


are the police doing their jobs?
tf is going on here?

How TF did we get to this point?

i think all these folks flexing on socials should chill.
this is not the time to be showing locations and what you got.
until this shit gets under control,
it’s “ninja fox/wolf/hybrid/or vixen” time.

Post after you leave the spot
Keep your moves lightweight
Stay out of the forests after a certain hour
Unless it’s a car or Uber, no walking late nights
Keep your credit card or extra money for a cab
Watch the company you keep

many won’t listen,
but those who know the vibes will be vigilant.
stay safe everyone.

lowkey: ima need a dimitri from “the first purge” to stand by my side…

8 thoughts on “pretty in purge?

  1. Poor lil Asian man. That crazy mofo was def not on a hood bus line. He would’ve gotten cussed out, and likely jumped messing around w an ungentrified Brooklyn or BX bus line

  2. Repeat offenders in Sanfran are released after committing a crime shoplifting without charges below $950 and the DA there got his priorities screwed up and ppl calling to recall his ass out of office because he wants less people in jail? Walgreens closing stores as we speak. Smash and grab from your car is rampant and you minus well call it a career. Same thing happens in Detroit, but its common sense not to leave personal items in plain view even in the rear. Shit like this happens in any city but Sanfran is getting out of control!! Where is the funding for the mental health crisis?? These people are dangerous even that gang member that killed that college student. FrFr, this shit makes me want to watch some Charles Branson.

  3. I’ll take a Dmitry too please. He is fine af & got booty for days! He’d have to give up some of that as my bodyguard of course. But then again I’d give him some of mine too hehe.

    There was a rash of thefts on big dept stores like Neiman Marcus in San Francisco for a few months in the summer where organized groups were bum rushing the stores for high ticket designer purses/merch. So it looks like they’ve moved on to LA.

    It’s always a risk taking public transport since it’s the cheapest way for mentally disabled people to get around. You just never know who you’re going to run into. I ride a bike to do my errands/get around town & only take public transport when going into San Francisco, which isn’t often these days due to covid.

    There has been an increase of car drag racing/sideshows going on on the streets in my city though which has brought on increased crime like stabbings & shootings. 2 of the 3 most popular spots for drag racing are only a block each away from where I live. YAY! But they happen late at night when I’m not usually out.

    1. There are some certified nut jobs on public transportation.

      My brother works for MTA and he said they tell their drivers not to confront anyone that gets on the buses that’s combative/confrontational. Instead they’re to call the cops and have the cops meet them at the next available stop…but like I said, what happens in the meantime if that person goes off on someone, or several people for that matter.

      I mean 9 times out of 10 if he’s on the wrong route/line, he’d catch a beat-down…but a lot of folks are quick to record rather than help someone.

  4. Y’lan Noel who was also in “Insecure” played
    Dmitri in “The First Purge” movie. Giving him his “props” could mean another gig / part for him.

  5. I would fire him immediately!

    Telling folks to….” not come to the city”…. you swore to protect and get paid to do it.

    We can’t allow criminals to run rampant.

    Beef up patrol!! Enact and create harsher laws!! Do your job or step aside!!

    Society has always and will always have bad people . What if we allow the Klan ,Nazis or Pedophiles to brazenly run rampant? We must apply pressure , counter actions and laws to limit what criminals do and who they victimize!.

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