he figured acting like an ape would get him better seating

some white folks are losing their minds these days.
it’s really a sight to behold.
you’d think “mother’s day” would be a day of peace and good times.
it’s a day for some mess to go viral.
according to “daily mail“:

A fight broke out at a California sushi restaurant after a white man hurled racist insults at several Hispanic and African-American patrons and even made ape-like gestures at them because he had to wait for seating.  

In the video, the man was told that there was a wait time for seating at the packed Aburi Premium AYCE Sushi restaurant in Long Beach on Sunday. 

peep the video foxhole…

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yet another senseless mass shooting (thousand oaks, california)

so i woke up this morning,
dealing with a cold that’s trying to infect my body,
and had so many alerts about yet another senseless mass shooting.
this time it was at a bar,
in thousand oaks, california,
where 12 people were gunned down.
a night of partying for some college students turns into a real life horror movie.
it got all too real when tamera mowry-housley,
half the star of “sister sister” and host of “the real”,
was looking for niece,
alaina housley.

i kept my fingers crossed,
hoping she would have turned up alive,
but i knew it didn’t look to well because…

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the retribution of music teacher, martson riley

it’s so hard these days being a teacher.
some of these little shits are out of control.
the following story made me sad.
mostly for the gentleman involved,
but really for the future.
so everyone meet martson riley.
he’s 64 and the music teacher at maywood academy high school in cali.
ex music teacher.
he got into a fight with a student.
he told the student to leave the class because he wasn’t in proper uniform.
the entire incident was caught on tape
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You Put My Nudes Online and I’ll Have Your Ass Arrested

tumblr_msbse5qUry1qi857wo1_500“let me upload this to myexisabastard.com tonight.
that will show him!”
so your ex has pissed you off.
don’t they all?
well you have all his nudes and sex videos in your possession.
with a little photo shop you can block out your face and give everyone a little show and tell.
tell how much of a freak he is in the bed.
l with an upcoming law tho,
you better just jack off to the memories.
“revenge porn” could have you sitting in jail…

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tumblr_mpd67uvrtA1qj171uo1_400hate is such a strong word.
i’ll use loathe.
police have been fuckin’ with people (minorities) for years.
in ny they have a law where they can search you at any given moment.
even if you are innocent and minding your own business.
the following video is heartbreaking.
these pigs shot this wolf’s dog because he was trying to protect his owner.
you know they do that sort of thing.
the owner should have been minding his business,
but did they really have to shoot this animal?…

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Frank Ocean Allegedly Gets Arrested For Getting Travelling Throat In A Moving Car

i wonder if it was in that car?…

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