she was killed for being an ally (rip laura ann carelton)

i really rue the day we didn’t check bad behavior.
we sat around and allowed hatred to fest.
it’s in the forests and on social media.
we are falling out with people we know due to political opinions.
the rise of hatred for vixens,

and black people are alarming.
the powers that b have no filter so everyone has no filter now.
these days feel like we are in a legit war within our territory.
everyone say goodbye to laura ann carelton

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so folks pretending to have monkeypox to promote their music?

i should have known better than this.
its been a tough couple of months and i was off my game.
i shoulda noticed that “stream my shitty music” tag than the bumps.
^this jackal claims he had monkeypox but needed to go to mcdonalds.


every social media user lit his ass up for being so reckless.
a foxholer sent me an update on the real story…

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pretty in purge?

do jackals and hyenas even get arrested anymore these days?
i don’t know if you been in new yawk as of late,
but the “out of control” has been on 1000.
there are crazy people wyldin everywhere including on the train now.
my home vixen’s cousin who works for the mta said it is dangerous on the train nowadays.
bad enough they have people going back into offices amongst the madness.
this recent incident is a perfect example of what we dealing with now:

new yawk has always been wild but it’s def out of control now.
i had to turn off my citizens app because i was getting OD notifications about crime.
apparently out west,
cali is experiencing the purge?…

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he figured acting like an ape would get him better seating

some white folks are losing their minds these days.
it’s really a sight to behold.
you’d think “mother’s day” would be a day of peace and good times.
it’s a day for some mess to go viral.
according to “daily mail“:

A fight broke out at a California sushi restaurant after a white man hurled racist insults at several Hispanic and African-American patrons and even made ape-like gestures at them because he had to wait for seating.  

In the video, the man was told that there was a wait time for seating at the packed Aburi Premium AYCE Sushi restaurant in Long Beach on Sunday. 

peep the video foxhole…

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yet another senseless mass shooting (thousand oaks, california)

so i woke up this morning,
dealing with a cold that’s trying to infect my body,
and had so many alerts about yet another senseless mass shooting.
this time it was at a bar,
in thousand oaks, california,
where 12 people were gunned down.
a night of partying for some college students turns into a real life horror movie.
it got all too real when tamera mowry-housley,
half the star of “sister sister” and host of “the real”,
was looking for niece,
alaina housley.

i kept my fingers crossed,
hoping she would have turned up alive,
but i knew it didn’t look to well because…

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the retribution of music teacher, martson riley

it’s so hard these days being a teacher.
some of these little shits are out of control.
the following story made me sad.
mostly for the gentleman involved,
but really for the future.
so everyone meet martson riley.
he’s 64 and the music teacher at maywood academy high school in cali.
ex music teacher.
he got into a fight with a student.
he told the student to leave the class because he wasn’t in proper uniform.
the entire incident was caught on tape
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