so folks pretending to have monkeypox to promote their music?

i should have known better than this.
its been a tough couple of months and i was off my game.
i shoulda noticed that “stream my shitty music” tag than the bumps.
^this jackal claims he had monkeypox but needed to go to mcdonalds.


every social media user lit his ass up for being so reckless.
a foxholer sent me an update on the real story…

so this asshole…
he decided to pretend to have monkeypox,
show himself being unapologetically reckless,
and it was all a lie to promote his wack music?

i feel like when jackals do outlandish shit like this,
they need to be punished and exiled.

At what point did he think being an attentionisto during a raging pandemic would equate to “listen to my music”?

there is no reason he should be blessed with a career.
he needs to feel the cold like he was in antarctica.
his crying wolf block head ass better hope monkeypox,
or something worse,
doesn’t knock on his door.

lowkey: i’m hearing half these skits we see online are fake.
so now everyone faking shit for clout.
when are you sounding the trumpets?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “so folks pretending to have monkeypox to promote their music?”

  1. I think it’s fake too because everyone conveniently always has camera to film the monkey dumb clown shit. That chuck a buck head bastard needs a hatpin stuck in his Barnum and Bailey hippo looking ass.

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