he figured acting like an ape would get him better seating

some white folks are losing their minds these days.
it’s really a sight to behold.
you’d think “mother’s day” would be a day of peace and good times.
it’s a day for some mess to go viral.
according to “daily mail“:

A fight broke out at a California sushi restaurant after a white man hurled racist insults at several Hispanic and African-American patrons and even made ape-like gestures at them because he had to wait for seating.  

In the video, the man was told that there was a wait time for seating at the packed Aburi Premium AYCE Sushi restaurant in Long Beach on Sunday. 

peep the video foxhole…


they call us “thugs“.

what would possess a grown ass abled bodied jackal to do this?
how do you walk into a resturant and do “ape gestures“,
without knowing your ass would get beat and recorded?
i’m baffled.
some of these baby boomers forget phones have cameras nowadays.

lowkey: some of them keep showing their ass,
while the rest of us keep thriving.
i love good food!

article cc: daily mail

9 thoughts on “he figured acting like an ape would get him better seating

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how white folks are so quick to call us apes, but they look more like them than we do. I’ve been Black all my life and I have yet to see a Black person who resembles a primate.

    I went down to Benihana’s on 57 St with a group of folks from work and some white woman had a meltdown because they seated our party first. Apparently she and her party had been waiting longer even though we had a reservation. She screeched and shrieked until the GM came over and had to tell her to calm down or she’d be thrown out. That bitch seethed. She stared at us the entire time too LMAO!

    Teppanyaki joints be bringing out the worst in people.

    1. Nobody wants to talk about that. The “big wide noses” we have are ANYTHING but ape-like. The Michael Jackson post-surgery/Voldemort nose with 2 slits in the face, is, though. Apes also don’t have lips. We do. So who looks monkeyish again?

  2. I’m even more baffled at the fact that someone thinks they can just walk into a food service establishment, act a damn asshole towards the staff before even sitting down, then expect to not have your food adulterated w/ God knows what… It’s just like people who cuss out and argue w/ the person on the other end of a fast food drive-thru speaker, then actually pull around to wait for that food to be prepared and handled by the target of your crazy…

    Maybe it’s their way of building up their gut’s immuno defenses… *shrugs*

    1. LMAO. My ex-girlfriend used to do foolishness like that. I would tell her, you do know they haven’t brought you your food yet, right?

  3. So, are we supposed to react like “apes” when someone is taunting us as if we are “apes?” 🙄

    I know the innanetz are experiencing all kinds of orgasmic pleasure from seeing this racist reprobate get some pound caking from a Black woman but I abhor violence, particularly if it’s not necessary.

    1. Oh I couldn’t agree more I was just thinking the same thing it’s all ignorant if you ask me but of course it’s viewed as virtuous to act a fool because a white person is acting up it’s not cute and all you’re going to get is a pat on the back and talked about afterwards is not going to go beyond that we need to see that same energy put towards something more productive like cleaning up our community if we have that kinda energy to windmill some idiot for acting a fool we can get together when it should really matter but that’s just me.

  4. I’m over here yelling “YESSS!” for the woman who started whaling on him! Drag that albino ape!

    1. Nah, you can’t condone behavior like that. If the cops came, I’m sure SHE would’ve been put in cuffs and not that idiot..because he didn’t touch anyone. He incited them with the tirade, but he probably did it to get just such a reaction…so HE could press charges.

      1. Let me ratchet in peace! The one time I give into my uncivilized desires….

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