onlyfans: jail house edition?

so everyone has an “onlyfans” now.
i’m seeing so many males on ig with one.
i mean,
they’re making over 5k+ a month.
you don’t even have to work.
that’s a lot of bread for just posting nudes and sex clips.
if i’m not seeing sex,
you know i’m not interested.
i’m not paying to see someone take a shower and make breakfast.
well porn star,
team dreads,
managed to go above and beyond for his.
he made some videos of his time in jail.
a foxholer sent me this video and….


talk about jail bawdy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is a lowkey porn fantasy for some.
fine ass jail wolf banging you to kingdom come.
how did he even get a phone in there?
how did he set up the “onlyfans” to begin with?
i have questions.
the foxholer who sent me the video had this to share:

“did you see the other guys he posted jacking off in some his other posts? I guess finding trade that gets down in jail isn’t hard at all…all their bodies looked good, he definitely is in jail. how did he get it out for someone to post? we have questions but nothing surprises me bc a friend told me stories about prisons in ohio back in the 90s n 2000s. one was so bad with inmates having sex n being condoned by the guards, priests and warden that they had to shut it down a while. the warden would come down and have the black guys run a train on him…can you believe it? they would take bed check with 2 guys in the same bed and not have a problem with it. So it that went on then you can imagine what goes on now.

as long as a guy doesn’t say he’s gay is can fuck around all he wants and nobody cares…it’s when he says it that ppl have issues just like the black and latino community not in prison. everybody knew my friend kicked it with men but nobody had a problem bc he has not and does not to this day say the word gay. if you met him you would think he’s st8. I told him he’s the str8est gay man I know. if somebody asks him he tells them with no complaints. he rationale is ….no nigga can beat his ass and why you so concerned about his life…lol”

thank God the wolves nowadays have the jail bawdies,
but without the records that go with it.
even tho many jail wolves have tried to get at me,
i’m good on the drama they come with.
the dick,
and bawdy is usually not worth the entire headache.
the foxhole who messed with jail wolves/foxes/hybrids

You might have had a different expereince.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “onlyfans: jail house edition?”

  1. Prison is lit these days! There’s an inmate (straight) who had a fully operating Tumblr account filled with nudes.

    BTW that torso fucking Dreds looks mad familiar.

  2. One person asked: How are they properly cleaning out though is the question?

    Someone else replied: Shampoo bottle that’s what i used when i was in prison.

    Jamari? GOODNIGHT! You ain’t ish for that link!

  3. How do they clean while locked up? Or is it a pre-planned thing where they only drink water the day before?

  4. I’ll take ” thank you for the view, but no thank you” for a true Daily Double please Alex

  5. Sorry but prison sex is just nasty. Can you imagine the smells of shit and funk in the air? I know some of you may get off to that type of kink but it’s not on my fantasy list. Ugh..

  6. ”ooh damn”, i need to catch up on that OZ. i definitely got my jail house fantasy.

    1. Me too .. I love a Square , Nerd, Military clean cut smart dude.(. Intelligence turns me on) ha ha ha

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